Thursday, September 30, 2010


Come on la ladies! I know we don't exactly come with built-in nozzles, BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE STOP FUCKING PEEING ON THE FUCKING SEAT!!! DID YOU NOT UNDERGO POTTY TRAINING AS A CHILD?! GOD DAMN.

I cannot even BEGIN to count the number of times I've sat on pee droplets just cause' the stupid bitch who'd used the toilet before me DIDN'T WIPE THE SEAT!

LIKE HELLO?!?!?! DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING IDEA HOW FUCKING GROSS THAT IS?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN JEEZ!!! Is your urethra opening crooked or something ?????? NABEI okay even if you do have a fucking crooked urethra opening, at least have the fucking courtesy to clean the fucking seat when you're done la ! Just take a small square of toilet paper and WIPE THE FUCKING SEAT DOWN! DAMN FUCKING HARD MEH? It's damn fucking disgusting la what the fuck is wrong with you people man. Do you not know what the fuck hygiene and consideration is ? GOD DAMN.

As a general rule, I wipe the seat down BEFORE (and after because I'm not quite so disgusting) i pee because so many females are 1) disgusting 2) inconsiderate 3) disgusting and inconsiderate - but FUCK LA sometimes I miss a few droplets and end up SITTING ON THEM AND I JUST THROW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE. Please do not excuse yourself by saying 'Oh its gross to touch pee' or some fucked up bullshit like that. If you find touching your OWN pee gross, what about us victimized bitches? SO WE TOUCH YOUR PEE WE DON'T FIND IT GROSS MEH? GO FUCK YOURSELF UP THE ASS WITH 20 TYPES OF DIFFERENT CACTI VARIETIES MAN YOU SELFISH CUNTY BITCH!

I'M DAMN PISSED (excuse the pun) OFF K THIS IS LIKE THE 9879439182419283TH TIME ALREADY NINABEI! Not paiseh one ah? When people walk past you and into the stall YOU JUST VACATED AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU TRIED TO SPRAY TAN THE FUCKING SEAT WITH YOUR PEE, DO YOU FEEL NO SHAME??!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Visual Diary : Blast from the past

Round' the neighbourhood shoot (Simei)

Studio lighting shoot from 10,000 years ago lol


Random balloon shoot with amos 10,000 years ago lolol

That time my sister punched me in the face HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Afterwhich my brother took me out for waffles lol

The watch he gave me, which I still wear to this day. Not that it means anything la, it's just that I'm so used to wearing it now I can't NOT wear it - it feels weird ya'know ?

Necklace I got from

Back in Nov 2008 - boob length hair lol

Oct 25th - Made the mistake of getting bangs LOLOL mocked course-wide the moment I got to school -.-

November 8th 2008 - Shaun's volunteer event or something

Bought and sold this beautiful little wicker basket - so fucking pretty, but hurt to carry it around T_T

Nov 2008 - discovered the magic of eyeliner thanks to poks ❤

December 08 - obsessed with black nails lol

Dec 098 - Closer to zinc then ever LOL

Favourite Zipia Dress of all time - buy it got shredded in the wash. SHREDDED T_T

Old favourite photo

Last pair of studs I wore for a long long time (from

Cindy Chng's Bday 09 lol

Obsession with stockings started around 21st Jan 09

Feb 09's f21 accessories haul lol

In line for Fall Out Boy 09 \m/


Magic pizza from Timbre

Jason Mraz with Lydia

Meeting Zinc's dog, Rex, for the first time.

OKAY I AM STOPPING HERE, MARCH 09 / PAGE 330 on my flickr, will continue some other time when I'm bored again lol.

Formspring question # 672

If you mean on a normal working day, then it's MAD boring. Basically, it's :

✚ Brekkie with my dad/sister
✚ Come to work
✚ Stone
✚ Shop online
✚ Stone some more
✚ Shop online some more lol
✚ Make random blog post about being bored / online shopping
✚ Sign guests / smelly boys in
✚ Get super agitated when they start acting / being stupid
✚ Hold breath and try not to pass out as the smell builds up
✚ Shop online again
✚ Troll Tumblr / Design sites
✚ Bitch about said stupid boys with people on msn
✚ Design random shit in illustrator
✚ Shop online again
✚ Find nomnoms
✚ Watch shows while munching on nomnoms
✚ Shop online again
✚ Pray fervently for the day to end
✚ Douse entire shop in lemon scented air freshener
✚ Run home as fast as I fucking can

As you can see, every day is repetitive and MAD boring. All i do is shop online all day rofl. Sometimes if I get lucky, i'll get freelancing copywriting / proof-reading jobs / design jobs and I keep pre-occupied with that, else I'm just online 24/7 . I'd DIE without my laptop seriously. So it's just blog / shop / surf net / scold lan gamers / try not to die mostly. Very boring one la lololol I want to get the bloody hell out of this cave of stupidity as fast as I fucking can man.

Variables include :

✚ Killing houseflies (see previous post)
✚ Making rings should there be any upcoming fleas
✚ Playing langames with ITE guys
✚ Camwhoring with photobooth
✚ Midnight mahjong sessions (LIKE TONIGHT YAY ^^)

Or if my friends are free / feeling nice / hungry, they'll drop by and we'll order in and eat shiok food :D

So this is what a typical day is like, WHY YOU MAKE ME RECAP NOW I FEEL LIKE LIFE IS MEANINGLESS AND REPETITIVE (which it really is T_T) ETC ETC *kills self* lol no la I shall go online shop now ttys ❤

Give me all your lovin'

He dropped by for dinner yesterday. In a polo and jeans, but fuck he looked damn edible. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LOOK SO HOT TSK DAMN UNFAIR LA TSK. Damn you and your stupid broad shoulders and long legs RARRRRRRRRRRRRR thank god you're smart as a brick kekeke (DON"T TELL HIM I SAID THIS HOR PRISS PRISS THANKS ROFL) if not I'd still be in love with you. As it is I'm already in lust with you. Which is bad. Kinda. Not really. Okay as you can probably tell, my thoughts are all over the fucking place right now. Which is probably due to the mad sugar high I'm on after my magical matcha ice blended and my taro pie.

In other news, I opened the lan shop door and a fucking house fly flew in TSKKKKKKKKKKKK This ALWAYS happens one leh mad irritating! It'll spend the next 3 or 4 hours buzzing around and irritating the flying fuck out of me by landing on my precious taro pie (FUCK YOU, HOUSEFLY) then disappearing for awhile while my head explodes from sheer agitation


OHMYGAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I JUST KILLED IT MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH TAKE THAT, MOTHERFUCKER !!!!!! I AM A FUCKING NINJA, BITCHES !!! ROFL okay i think I have gone insane. Anyway, houseflies are MOTHERFUCKING hard to kill because they fly away so fucking fast ( i heard somewhere that they can fly in 8 different fucking directions joking or what they can even fly backwards ! FUCKING IMBA ) so I have found the easiest way to kill them. I've killed 3 this way :D

1) Obtain a clear, relatively large plastic bag. In today's case I used the 8days magazine sleeve so slightly smaller than A4 size

2) Wait for the motherfucker to land on something.

3) Hold the opening of your plastic bag WIDE open with both hands ( like wearing a sock) and slowly approach the son of a bitch. (Okay this is beginning to sound like a murder ROFL )

4) Ignore weird stares that lan-gamers give you (because they don't know what the fuck you are doing so you look like you're slow dancing with the plastic bag @_@ )

5) Make sure the opening is directly above the housefly (as close as possible to it la of course)

6) Make a sudden movement, which will cause the housefly to panic, hyperventilate, and die. No la just kidding. It will panic and fly UPWARDS, INTO YOUR PLASTIC BAG BALLOON OF DOOM KEKEKEKEKEKEKKEKEKEKEKE ^^

7) Seal the bottom AS FUCKING FAST AS YOU CAN K cause' houseflies are like little ninja bitches also and they will fly towards the opening INSANELY FAST so you just have to be faster lor. Which I am. Also please hor make sure your plastic bag doesn't have holes or it'll fly out the other end and you'll just end up mega dulan at the fact that the housefly made you it's bitch ROFL. I do not speak from experience. No such thing has happened to me. Really. You must believe me. I'd like to believe that the housefly chewed it's way out okay? WHAT YOU MEAN A HOUSEFLY HAS NO MOUTH TO CHEW WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY *ignores logic* ROFLROFLROFL

8) So now that the housefly is trapped inside your murderbag, slowly press out the air til you can get to the fly and squish it. PLEASE HOR USE COMMON SENSE IF YOUR BALLOON IS FULL OF AIR AND YOU SMASH IT THINKING YOU WILL SMASH THE HOUSEFLY AT THE SAME TIME, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG AND/OR FUCKING RETARDED. IT WILL EXPLODE. LIKE A BALLOON. And all you would have done for your efforts is make a housefly cannon -.-" .. It will just be catapulted out of the plastic bag like a bullet. I guess you could hope that it hits the wall so hard it goes into a coma, but what are the odds of that -.- ? Make sure you press out the air before smushing it. You can also taunt it while pressing the air out like a crazy bitch / like I do. "WHO'S YOUR DADDY, BITCH? WHO'S YOUR DADDY ?!?! NEH NEH NI BU BU ETC ETC ETC" but make sure no one's around to witness your insanity also la of course rofl.

So there you go, Housefly murder method 101, brought to you by #1 siao lang Yoko Yeap. Oh and please remind me never to drink matcha milk tea in the morning I am INSANELY high right now hehehehehehehehe ^^

My dad is still mad at me, so today he refused to send me to work and insists on being a little bitch, then fine so be it. Be a petty fucker. See if I fucking care. He refused to talk in the car on the way home last night, refuses to talk to me, but it's fine. IT'S FINE. It's better if you don't talk to me, so I don't feel like shooting myself in the head through my left nostril all the time. I'm okay, because I've my fucking awesome matcha ice blended and my fucking taro pies and I refuse to let you spoil my day. I shall enjoy the little things and celebrate my housefly murder and I refuse to let you ruin my morning.



YOKO - 3


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finallyyyyyyyy ! An actual loot post with actual pretty loot T_T

ASOS Darling Hair Grip - prettyyyyy T_T

ASOS Black Bandeau

ASOS One shoulder Bikini Top - The tan line for this is going to be SO fucked up lolol but but it's pretty T_T and hopefully pretty swimwear will make me feel like actually going to swim ! I've been planning to go for the longest time already but I can't seem to get my lazy ass down to the pool leh. Please remind me to start exercising when these come okay priss priss thanks ^^

UO sneakers in Blue - Phwoar I am LOVING the colour ! It's fucking gorgeous man zomg. I haven't ordered these yet but I'm so going to ! The only problem is that they're still updating the colours so when you select what colour you want, it doesn't correspond properly T_T ! So when I want the click on the Blue picture the tab sayd MEDIUM ORANGE and i'm like WTFX x_X ?! I'm hoping they sort it out soon man - I don't want to order the wrong colour jeez.

UO sneaks in Dark green. Am loving this colour too ! I'm sorry but I love uniquely coloured shoes. I have had yellow, hot pink, light link, baby pink, light blue, dark blue, neon blue, lime green, light green, purple, red, salmon, taupe, cream, teal shoes before, now I'm waiting to add dark green and some sort of deep maroon-y colour to that :D Can't wait to order these (T_T)

Oh man I'm so fucking happy today ! Haven't had a hearty, stuffed-full-of-goodies loot post in the longest time *cries grateful tears of joy*! Finally, something to alleviate the bullshit of this entire week rarrrrrrrrr this is my excuse I won't hear it any other way lol okay my mom is here time to get off blogger - she found my blog once and was "shocked at the amount of vulgarities you used ! SO HORRIBLE!" KEKEKEKE TYPE TO ZAO BYE


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 666 THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^ !!! I'm going to leave it like that for a day kekeke so not going to answer questions til tomorrow or something kekekeke

Gu niang shoes

Selling this pair of pastel pink sneakers from New Look ! Fits a UK6/39 nicely ! But sadly they're a bit too guniang for me la @_@

$20 with meetup, email me at if keen :D

On a side note, these green sneakers are my current favourites :

Sorry if these pictures are shitty, I took them in a hurry this morning heh.

On a side note, does anyone here stay in Tampines who is open to supper or something? Sometimes I can't sleep la then i get hungry BUT EVERYONE IS ASLEEP OR STAYS IN THE WEST TSK.

Also, New Look just opened in Tamp 1 ! East > West ! Now if only all my friends didn't stay in the west (T_T) ...

Random Visual Diary

At sentosa last year on my birthday


Interning at Han Chew Studios

Making a fake wound on a model for one of David's shoots

This is Sian-Tzu, she's freakin' pretty yes/no ?

Wii-ing at The Hangout over on Princep Street

This was when I made the mistake of getting bangs LOL FAIL i had to sweep them to the side daily else they'd look lik e9*&@#*(!#

One of my favourite days last year. Ok technically, this year la - no one was free to countdown to 2010, we met the next night and had our own post count-down countdown rofl. We were just us in our purest form, no boyfriends or girlfriends so we were free to talk as much cock as we wanted. One of my favourite nights ever ever ever.

It might look bright, but it was about 2am or something already lololo


Aiy this was taken pre-breakup, pre-armpitjuice, pre-crappy-situation-that-i-am-in. I will get out someday. I must.

Aiy anyway, I'm bored again, so off to shop etc etc ! On a side note, i'm 6 questions away from having 666 questions on my formspring YAY !!!! Once it hits 666 I plan to leave it that way for a day or two just for fun because I'm bo liao like that - so if you're as bo liao as I am, FORMSPRING ME PLSPLS THANKS ^^

Okay that is all, going to online shop for a bit now ttyl ❤
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