Friday, December 31, 2010


Ninabei my iphone just tokyo-drifted across the pavement KNN

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ASOS Boudoir Sequin Mesh Panel Strapless Bralet keke so cute zomg T_T

ASOS Boudoir Crochet Detail Corselette! This is like fucking cheap la cause' it's on sale. Was 35 pounds, is now 10 pounds. TEN LEH. That's SGD $21.70 for a chio corset !! OH ASOS SALE I CANNOT RESIST YOU T_T

Finally caved in and got the ASOS satchel bag that I wanted (back in the livejournal days rofl). 25 pounds, but so fking cute I DIE I DIE T_T.

Got this cardigan from Pearlmilkteea aiyo so damn cute right!? Has little heart-shaped buttons even zomg i am officially of the gay.

OH AND ALSO, I Finafuckingly, got it over and done with. No more shitty photobucket web hosting ^^ ! But hong gan expensive man seriously $25 USD leh cheebeh T_T.

Okay that is all, more stuff to push out by 9pm, afterwhich I am running down to bukit batok to set the world on fire. Head is throbbing like a little bitch man somebody save meh T_T

Closet pyro.

This is tonight's stash.

Poppers, glowsticks, and about about 5packs of 12boxes with 10 sparklers each rofl.

I scored this adorable canvas (what do you call this ? vertical duffle? super-deep-bucket?) bag at the Alcova popup flea for fucking cheap. SO cute right ?! Nautical stripes + rope leh. I die.



2011 is already starting to look good - 1XXX worth of freelance pay will be in by the end of Jan and ya'll can say hello to my little friend a.k.a the super cute (and VIDEO CAPABLE) Nikon D3100!!

Freelance work left to finish:
- Final editing of montage + writeup
- Name cards
- Membership cards
- Map Infographic

AND I AM DONE MY FRIENDS. SET TIL THE END OF JAN, after which I am hoping and praying I will be able to land that F21 job. Fingers crossed for 2011 ❤

It ends tonight.

Surviving on milk nuggets lol.

The year ends tonight, my friends. It's been a shit year from start to finish, and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier. Tonight, I will have $ in my pocket and the amazing company of my friends, and that is exactly how I want the entirety of next year to be like - shitloads of health, wealth and good times with my favourite bunch of idiots and happiness most of all.

One year ago on this very day, I was the saddest / loneliest I'd ever been. Tonight, however, will be a 360 degree turn from that shithole. I owe it to myself to be happy without you / to live free / drink (insane amounts of alcohol) and be merry with my bitches and that's exactly what I plan to do.

Tonight, resolutions will be made, (copious amounts) of alcohol will be consumed and good times will be had (and I have a shitload of fireworks to help that right along). So fucking psyched you have no fucking clue.

Hope your year has been good, but if it hasn't - celebrate the shit out of the fact that it's FINAFUCKINGLY ending \m/!



I'm growing tired of your temper. I don't need you as much as you think I do, so perhaps it's time for you to get over yourself.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

International peace treaty + my brain is a peanut.

Met my primary school friends @ Cedele today. Had Risotto for the first time in my fucking life. I guess after watching hell's kitchen I was expecting it to basically taste like magic / fairy dust / butterfly poo or something? Okay maybe not butterfly excretion la, but you get the gist. It was .. slightly grainy-ishy leh I thought. Shrugs. Wasn't bad though.

My APNN (HAHAHAHAHA HE CALLS HIMSELF THAT OKAY I AM NOT RACIST) friend, Ajay, and Zehra a.k.a Miss Pakistan. It was like having an international peace treaty discussion or something rofl stereotypical indian/terrorist/chinese jokes flying all over the place. Good times rofl.

Walked to Cine for dark chocolate soft-serve ice cream at the Burger Bench & Bar. Ajay didn't know what to order, so I asked the girl at the counter for recommendations. And she said to him - I COMPLETELY SHIT YOU NOT - "OUR BEEF BURGERS ARE OUR SPECIALITIY." A. MOTHERFUCKING. PLUS LA ! Asking an indian to eat cow ROFL I WAS DYING ON THE INSIDE. He's actual Christian and not a Hindu la so it's alright for him to eat beef, but STILL? What if he didn't?? Ignorance FTW. I think it occurred to her that she'd offered beef to an indian after awhile, so she backtracked and was like BUT IF YOU DON'T EAT BEEF ETC ETC LOL TOO LATE MY FRIEND ROFL.

He did order a beef-based burger in the end though ROFL. Irony ftw.

Their fries are pretty shiok though ! Damn potato-y. Yes, I am actually Captain Obvious in disguise. Not but seriously, give the fries a try ! 1st floor in Cineleisure btw.

Being generally disgusting LMAO. I kept shooting while he ate so he really milked it man. BA-DUM-CHING !That was not intended to be racist statement, but I am punny and not afraid to admit it. I am also disgusting, obviously rofl.

How good does the ice cream look??

They are both fucking tall la it was damn hard to camwhore rofl

Being all demure and shit. ROFL. It was nice catching up la, I haven't seen them in fucking long rofl. I really should put in more effort la seriously rofl.

Tamago beef bowl rocks so fucking hard. It's a beef bowl + half boiled egg cracked directly on top of the rice. Perfect.

Met Zinc for abit + accompanied her to the doctor.

Aiy okay that is all. Really am not in the mood to blog, just needed to get the picspam out of my system. More freelance work to finish. Joy. And fuck this shit I am working tomorrow. Last day of the motherfucking year leh, I hope it won't end as shittily as the last one did zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz okay that is all kthxbai.


I spent 2 hours cleaning the fuck out of my room today. My mom had/has been nagging the fuck out of me to pack over the past 2 weeks and today I finally got down to it. 2 motherfucking hours leh. It's freaking clean/neat for once, and she just came in and was all like 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYUR' and all that kind of shit. Fucking hate it la fuck. She always does this shit to me. Almost every sentence she says to me starts with EEE WHY IS THIS THING SO UGLY / YUCKS SO LOUSY / EEE SO UGLY YOU BUY FOR WHAT etc. IT IS FUCKING ANNOYING. SHE ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS SAYS NEGATIVE SHIT TO ME. WHO THE FUCK WON'T BE DULAN? WILL NEVER CHANGE ONE LEH NABEI. Last year it got to the point where I just avoided talking to her and stopped trying altogether. Try for fuck? Every fucking time I speak to you, I get put down. You put down the things i'm doing, you put down the things I have/get/buy, most of all you put ME down, everyfuckingthing i do is never good/nice/enough - who the fuck wants to talk to you man? She doesn't talk this way to my sister. I think she doesn't even notice that she does it. My sister tells me to ignore it, but fuck this shit man. After getting pricked 98341982319823 times, who the fuck in their right fucking mind will want to go near a cactus? Siao or what fuck?


Dead beat.

meeting my pri sch friends in abit, am honestly going to be late lol.

Finger crossed that i'll score an interview with f21, then the actual job itself >< !

Aiy ok gtg bai bo liao post is bo liao lol KTHXBAI


Shitballs I can't finish the montage zzzzzzz. Nvm, shall forge ahead tmr morning ! Anyway, here's a damn cute song I just came across this morning. Earworm + on replay x 502390293 times already lol.

Okay fucking, fucking, fucking drained. More tomorrow, I guess. Night ya'll.


Rar I want to cry already so much work so much work why so much freelance work why am i kaykiang why!? OH HAY THAT'S RIGHT! I'M JOBLESS! I WILL GET EVERYTHING DONE BY THE END OF THE WEEK. MUST. FINISH. INSANE. WORKLOAD.

To do :
- Namecard
- Membership Card
- Finish texturing the fuck out this montage
- Resize poster to A2
- Resize poster to A5
- Additional graphics for website
- Catch my breath
- Kick a stupid child

Upcoming Hooked On Flea poster I rushed out in 15 minutes:

Those little spartans are the new Freemansland mascots :D ! Tiny as fuck in that picture la, but hopefully you'll get to see a closeup of them when the membership cards are out / when the website is launched.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


F21 got visual merch slot oh my tian i want to cry already

Many fish in the sea. Or koi in the pond.

The bubble tea everyone's talking about.

A whole shitload of KOI lol. My sister was like AIYA BUY 1 WEEK'S SUPPLY ALL AT ONCE LOL TMD.

This one's mine (although you can't really tell la - they all kinda look the same). It's Hazelnut caramel milk tea. With a shitload of pearls. WHY SO MANY PEARLS AH TSK. Next time I'll ask for less pearls or none at all (which is what I usually do, but koi's pearls are tiny and cute). In other news, I HAVE OBTAINED THE MAGIC NUMBER! Means I can just call and collect downstairs when it's ready kekekeke ;P

Chicken stew + rice + fried eggs. Ultimate comfort food, I shit you not. My sister loves to take ALL the carrots so I only managed to get like 4 pieces? She left all the potatoes for me lor tsk BITCH!

Okay that is all, I am finishing up graphics for a website, do until my nehneh want to explode already. Here's a sneak peak:

Image01 Image02

Okay I can't seem to get the coding to work properly in the blogpost. Anyway, if you leave your mouse over the facebook icon, the words 'ADD US!' appears :D ! Cute hor cute hor ? For the twitter bird, it's supposed to say 'FOLLOW US!' but like i said, can't get the coding to work leh T_T !

Please don't reuse the graphics k, they're for Freemansland hor so it's really copyrighted KTHXBAI.

wtf is happening ???

I want to fry eggs for lunch, but the eggs are all rotten tsk. Have $0 on me so my sister gave me the money !!! YAY !!! On the condition that i buy her KOI. Ninabei i'm in the queue right now and it hasn't even opened yet la !?!?! WTF is this shit -.- ? Siao one lor i think i'm yhe fourth person lol. Gonna see if they take phone orders like te other branches ! That would be shiok man! Jut stroll past everyone and collect my BBT LOL i'm disgusting lol. Okay it's opening ttys

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Been craving mac & cheese from Urban Pantry x Donut Factory @ Novena for a motherlong time and finally got my my ass down to it today. That's what I would LIKE to say how it all went down, but when Joce and I got there, we discovered that Donut Factory had been replaced by Take 5. I had a mini heart attack and died. Then I came to. And died again at the re-realization. Life sucks leh. So bo pian ate at Take 5 lor knn sian ji pua.

They gave me this tablet with a mushroom (???) on it and I was completely dumbfounded. What was I supposed to do with it ? Eat it and grow larger or stomp on it's head like a mario game or some shit? THE FUCK IS THIS??????? I found out soon enough.

THIS CHEEBAI THING LIT THE FUCK UP LIKE IT WAS THE MOTHERFUCKING FOURTH OF JULY OKAY?!?! Blinking insanely like a lousy flirt or some shit WASN'T ENOUGH FOR THIS THING, NO SIR. IT BEEPED. And offensive beeping at that ! It kept going TIT TIT TIT TIT TIT TIT TIT ! LIke some sort of vulgar bomb countdown la cheebai. IT WAS DAMN DISTRESSING LA !!!!!! Kept beeping like nobodies motherfucking business and blinking like a retarded flashlight?! STILL KEEP CALLING ME A BOOB WHILE IT RIDICULED ME!? FELT LIKE THROWING IT OUT THE WINDOW MAN SRSLY FUCK. Stupid idea/ poorly executed concept la nabei. Whoever came up with this should be hung. Or placed in a room full of these vulgar monstrosities and made to live in there for the rest of his/her life to be eventually driven insane by the offensively LOUD incessant beeping. TIT YOUR HEAD LAH NABEI.

Okay only lor zzz.

Tried to swap my Chanel nail polish shade to a shade that does not resemble the colour of fresh laosai, but was told I wasn't allowed to because "no plastic wrapping". SMLJ ??? So I shall keep it and use it for when my nails need to be the colour of tree bark / spongebob's pants. Which may happen. Sometime. In 10 years. Not that I am not grateful for the present (which I am) but I hoped to be able to put it to good use. Sad face.

In other news, got home and googled the fuck out of Donut Factory, and it turns out it had shifted .. wait for it .. right next door. From Novena Square to Square 2. Dear DF, fuck your fucking mom. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? I was 10 minutes away from donuts of awesomeness leh I FEEL LIKE STABBING MYSELF.

Had to go back to work for awhile, so Joce kept me company while I tried to dig my way out of my freelance-filled shithole. And helped me get nuggets. NUGGETS OF AWESOMENESS, I SHIT YOU NOT. They are pan-fried on the spot and are so fucking lovely my description is not doing it justice. The last time I had nuggets this amazing, I was in primary school. And never got a taste since. UNTIL THESE. God these are so damned good. I can safely say they're better than McD's nuggest, somehow. MAGIC NUGGETS, PEOPLE.

On a happier note, La Senza @ Paragon is having a clearance sale! They have like a SHITLOAD of cute undies on sale, all nicely sorted for you - by size, mind - in separate bins! They're all tagged about $12 (and up) each, but for this sale, every 10 pairs will only cost you $50. That's $5 a pair leh. Joce and I went a little siao, but I have underwear and I'm not afraid to use it. Or brag about it. Get your behinds down to Paragon soonish, ladies ! I don't think too many people know about this sale la so if you hurry you can probably score some really adorable ones (like I did) rofl.

The one with tuxedo details on it is my fave lol. SO cute.

~Kissy kissy~ LOL

Also raided the fuck out of Muji and brought back 2 ice cube / chocolate trays which I already have plans to use. I will then proceed to procrastinate the fuck out of said plans. But I've already bought the damned trays SO THERE! STEP 1 ! IN YOUR FACE ! Or in my face. I am cranky so I reserve the right to be irrational. Plus I am always right. SO THERE.

Oh and scored a Topshop skirt on sale @ Knightsbridge. It's blue and mad textured so it hides all my fat folds. Love. It. Also can be stretched and worn as a tube because I'm skanky like that (insert bochup shrug here). Versatility ftw.

My ASOS dainty ring set. Mega cute la basket I LOVE the silver heart one ! Honestly I bought it just for the anchor ring, but the colour it came in is kinda ~meh~ so I'm a bit sad about that.

On a side note, I'm going to turn down a job offer tomorrow. It just feels right in my gut not to take this job, so I'm just going to go with my gut. Should my gut be wrong, please remind me to gut myself. Again, I am cranky and therefore reserve the right to be punny.

So much work to be done by tonight, my head feels like it's about to throw up. Or explode. Or something equally nausea-inducing. Picspam in abit, my lovelies, thank you for waiting.
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