Monday, January 31, 2011


No clients inhouse today, but nobody told me i wasn't needed lol. Basically they just paid me $32 to sit here / shake leg / read my book / surf the net / open door for people. The last of which happened about 5 times. Don't play play okay, my opening-of-door services cost about $6.20 per press of my super-secret underneath-my-desk button. Shiok balls ^^ ! Going home in 10 mins kuakuakua ^^

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Insert 4 letter chinese words here

Lou Hei-ing at my place last night. My family is HUGE, have about (i think) 10 uncles and aunties, so it's usually hard to get everyone together in one place at a time, so early lou-hei-ing it was!

These crispy pillow thingies are my favourite part of the lou-hei package :D

Super kua zhang - dumped abalone on it rofl.

Okay and wtf I think I nvr upload properly before i left the house, there should be at least 2 or 3 more pictures leh but they're not on my flickr, so will upload them tonight when i get home after work ^^ ! Enjoy these for now, ttyl!

Oh and on one last note, thank you all for your encouraging words on my artwork. Ya'll so nice it makes me want to weep hysterically T_T


I found out that one of my readers looks like the my ex's mistress. Officially. Freaked. Out.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


My sister is selling the following stuff, do support priss cause she is thin and chio and she beats me T_T ! ROFL no la she doesn't la but she will whine till I am old and grey or buried in the ground should I not do so for her rofl

Immaculate Cheongsam in pink (Size S)
Size S measures 13.5" to 14.5" PTP, 11.5" at the waist, 15" at the hips, 9" at the armhole and 35" down. Fits UK 6.
Sell for $31

Brand New With Tag Victoria's Secret Stardust Bikini Set in White
Tagged XS, fits UK6 -8

Also, she's looking for all this nonsense lol:

YSL Workdress
In Purple or White
Size S

Waterfall Ruched Top by Agneselle in White or Pink
Size S


Freelance #3 : Complete

Current earworm:

It's been on replay all day / fucking shiok ! Okay so I spent most of the day finishing up my freelance for Flock To Shop:

Finally. done. with. this. shit. On a side note, karma is punishing me for ps-ing david, and now there's a family gathering at my place. I die x 409320930293029302932093! Fucking tired, need sleep, but I can't do so else they'll all be like Yoko why you so rude etc etc etc etc etc.

Okay gonna go do my nails or something now la ttyl KTHXBAI!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I can see us holding hands.

Tee-dress from Zara. Comfy and not skanky :D !

Gold Stretchy Bracelet from New Look. I've a lot of readers asking me where I get my stuff etc etc, but sometimes I just get random ugly objects and sorta edit them a little. Like this bracelet, for example. It was a dreadful pearl-filled mess and I'd obviously rather die than be the girl with the, um, pearl bracelet so I disemboweled the shit out of it. Removed every single dangling pearl charm, and a few other nonsense charms like a heart pendant etc. I like it as it is now. Plain. Simple. Easy to match.

And this is the new $9 ring from F21 sometime within the last 2 days. It's currently selling on the site at USD$4.80, which roughly translate to $6.75 SGD. Shipping will be like $3 or $4, and so I hope this answers the question 9509230293 people have been asking me - whether or not it's cheaper in stores or not. Etc.

On a side note, today I just spent most of the day with him. My shift got cancelled so I'm taking a lil' break while simultaneously doing freelance work. Such is the busy life of a jobless girl rofl. Okay dinnertime ttyl !


On cab home now / a full on 13hr shift is mad exhausting / going to pass out asap / night ya'll.

I am popsicle

Freezing to death / air con can't be turned off / steaming mug of milo to keep me fingers warm / 2 hrs more til i can go home, defrost then probably like die from exhaustion rofl

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Location:Esplanade Dr,,Singapore

What I meant to blog earlier

Saw this uber cute zara bag! Has a little metal strip at the bottom - MAD, MAD FRIKKIN CUTE!!! Too bad it costs likw 2 armpits and a toe T_T

Sorry if I'm fumbling like an epileptic rofl, i'm only using one hand lor #failblog

The Blogpress App for iphone didn't allow me to blog this so here it is now that I have time rofl. It's 2.05am, wonder what time I'll get back home T_T. I think I'm working at Safra fullshift tmr tsk CONFIRM DIE WTFX /WRISTS

On a parting note, i'm really sorry I haven't been updating as often as I usually do. Found a great (albeit temporary) job with great perks and benefits, so am trying to milk it for as much as I can now that I'm jobless (a.k.a BROKE LIKE DOG). Will try to update at least once or twice a day if I can manage la, but please don't demand that I blog it's very disheartening T_T okay that is all KTHXBAI

Friday, January 28, 2011


Random brekkie. Cornflakes in my current favourite cup!

Dark, sinister shoes rofl. Grommeted Toms / ASOS Dress Shoes / UO Studded Skimmers

Current favourite bags of the moment : ASOS Brown Satchel, Topshop Bucket Bag

Close up of whale print cuteness!

UO Whale Printed Sundress. I kinda love it, but my sister doesn't so I'm kinda undecided about keeping it for now.

White Supre Dress + Pink Granny Knit Cardi from Zipia. CNY appropriate, I would think lol.

New Look Blazer ( stolen from Lydia), White Supre Dress (worn as tank), Black Silver-bead studded bandage skirt from Editor's Market. Not that CNY appropriate, unless you're part of the Adam's Family.

New Look Heather-grey Slouchy Top, Studded skirt from Editor's Market, Silver Necklace from Pull & Bear. Not CNY appropriate, obvsly rofl.

Supre Dress, Khaki Shorts, Taupe Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, Double-strapped wedges from Korea. Side ponytail or a french braid to the side could work as well! Oh and that's my new Topshop Bucket Bag :D ! Slouchy and room and on sale at $59 if I'm not wrong! Saw 2 pieces at the Raffles City Branch if you're keen on getting it ;P.

But because I'm #skankho, i'm wearing it without shorts for CNY I think.

Okay that is all, because I promised I'd blog soon but plans just kept popping up so I'm doing so at work @_@. I know I know don't look at me like that T_T ! It's for your entertainment!

Having a killer sandwich for dinner now, on the client's tab as usual. DAMN. FUCKING. SHIOK. It's like some sorta Teriyaki Salmon blend with a shitload of vegetables - which I usually detest but somehow am okay with now - maybe cause' it's free. And because I am FUCKING STARVING.

Bought a new ring from F21, basic white tank ( but again, because I am #skank, I'm wearing it as a dress for CNY), and a basic black T-shirt Dress from Zara. MAD OVERPRICED, but love the cut so here I am - broke, but content with my hauls for now. I probably need therapy, what with my incredible ability to prioritize rofl. Okay gonna try to find a way to blog this without exposing my blog address on the computer okay - WISH ME LUCK ROFL.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Seafood aglio olio for dinner/ FREE! / i love working here ^^

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Picspam tonight/ tomorrow morning, depending on what time I get back from work! Was supposed to put em' up in an hour, but my shift's been, well, shifted up so I'm off to work now! TTYS KTHXBAI

(On a parting note, paiseh man I've been fucking nua-ing and not-active at all rofl so my blog has been a little dry lately paiseh please still love me T_T )

Still hereeeee

Brain is dying / DAMN BOREDDDDDDDDDD must bring book or something tmr

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Location:Battery Rd,,Singapore


Boreddddddd. Still here. Still mother f-ing bored T_T

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random loot post

All from the UO package i collected before coming to work lol. Mad love everything, can't wait to go home and try in the whale print dress / slouchy black oversized jumper ^^

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Late night shift / wonder what time it ends / how to get home from the cbd area at 3am ??

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Raining rain.

He picked me & Poks up from Holland V yesterday / dropped her off / went to eat / it started POURING like god was crying hysterically or something / got stuck under the hdb flat / he ran to the car in the insane weather and drove it to me so I could remain dry ^^

It was kinda nice. And kinda sweet :) . Okay I am fucking sleepy partial-swooning over ttyl

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Going to nom with my bb poks / everything smells FUCKING GOOD / STARVING / Everybody JIA ^^

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God is finally being nice to me ! UBER CUTE GUY AT MY WORKPLACE I DIE x 488395947/8384884 ^^

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What up ya'll !

Having a short stint as a receptionist at an atas firm / boring as hell / eating atas chicken chop for lunch / trying my best to act demure lmao / ok starving ttyl !

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Monday, January 24, 2011


it's gonna be okay / da da / do do / just dance


Starting to get really, really, really fucking pissed off.


I went for an 'interview' which really wasn't so much an interview as it was slave labour. I spent 6 hrs sorting photos for an really, realy puny amt. Quite insulted, actually rofl. But the lady was INSANELY nice, so i just shut my mouth and finished up anyway. On a side note, left calf dying. Dragonboat really works your body in the most unexpected places - like my pit fat ROFL. ACHING LIKE fksoxhdsjs i thank god my boobies aren't aching else i really

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


(Pic credit to Ivan Shim)

LOLOLOLOL Cutest dog ever! It was damn ~gian~ to go into the water! Barked loud as fuck though rofl. Okay time to go back to work ttyl~

dead arm swinging

Bought a Topshop dress for new years. More pics when my arm isn't trying to kill itself. Wah but seriously, my wrist / shoulder is ACHING like a fucking dog. Tried all afternoon to nap but the ache kept eating at me, so it wasn't very restful zz. Miso tired T_T. okay that is all, I have - SURPRISE! - more freelance work to do. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. brb dying
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