Monday, February 28, 2011


Am trying to fix up my layout for my portfolio but it's NOT HAPPENING. My eyes / ears / brain is aching zzz

brain weak.

Impromptu insanity at Ikea / Topsman @ Knightsbridge / Ridiculously tiny and cute shakes at Once Upon A Milkshake at Scape

Forgot I had work TODAY at my raffles place. Can't fucking believe I fucking did that leh. Moronic to fucking max I feel like shooting myself zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Yesterday saw me running around the island like a spastic child. From Tampines > Harbourfront > Clark Quay > Dhoby Ghaut > Bugis > Ikea > Cineleisure > Knightsbridge > Paragon > Tampines.

Fucking rashly bought a mirrored cupboard. It rocks leh the whole door is a giant mirror. It didn't rock as hard when me and dan were dying trying to get it home and up 4 flights of stairs though rofl #failblog. Luckily some super nice family walked past and sent their youngest son to help us. It was awesome. He was awesome. It was like meeting a tiny little asian Ironman or something. Fucking pint sized but GOD DAMN he was strong. Just like HU! HA! (or some other manly sound) and just lifted the whole thing off the ground zomg. Daniel was at the other end la but he was expiring to death HAHAHAHA! Ironman's mother walked up and helped a little and told us they were actually professional movers! Wah what are the fucking odds right? Thanks god srsly else we would have all died rofl. I tried to pay them for helping but they literally RAN the moment I took my wallet out T_T. All i could do was profusely yell my thanks as they ran away T_T ! Miso grateful you have NO idea!

In other news, tried the shakes at OUAM at the new Scape building! Maple flavour rocks srsly, and the cups are so damned tiny! But the amount is just-right though, cause the shakes are DAMN THICK. Shiok balls!

Okay so what I bought yesterday:

- Cupboard
- Colander (white)
(eh why all start with C ah HAHAHA)
- 300 ring bases
- black scrabble tiles
- 2 pair of tiny silver hoops ( does anyone know where to get plain gold hoops?)
- pair of purple sanuks (which are lovelyyyyyyyyyy and SO fucking nice to walk in T_T !! Like stepping on clouds T_T)
- White Muji Bowl

Spent a fucklot more than I'd anticipated thanks to the cupboard and rashness, so will have to watch my spending for now T_T

On a side note, the sanuks are lovely to walk in T_T ! I totally need a black pair if they decide to make one ;

Wah lao I bought them from Slurplife at Bugis for $90, and when I went to town I saw them in GREEN!!!!!! Green leh tsk miso sad T_T! Anyway it's $98 in Cineleisure (next to NUM), in case you're wondering. Might get green next month though lol. We'll see.

Bored again, time to watch random shows! TTYL !


fuck la i'm a fucking moron zzzzzzzzz

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Last meetup with last buyer at ikea then can relax a lil *wipe brow* ! Finaly got the pair of shoes i've been eyeing kekeke last pair in MY size wah fucking shiok

Cute not cute not ^^ ?

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Fucking gone. 300+ ring bases, tins, cake making shit, spoons. Scrabble tiles + laptop and charger = death of my shoulder. miso tired T_T ! Omw back home to get stuff then back out again to sell said stuff bah brain melting zzzz save me T_T

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Location:Raffles Pl,,Singapore

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's on the agenda:

Last minute day off tomorrow, fucking fuck lot of errands to run man seriously my brain is going to explode.

- collect xxx's present
- post parcels
- meet buyers at tampines
- get ring bases
- meet buyer at vivo
- restock scrabble tiles
- meet more buyers in town
- go to daiso
- buy wooden spoons / silver tin / plastic
- meet joleong for dinner
- buy shit from ikea.

So fucked, so many things to do! I keep staring at this list because I feel like i've forgotten something I can't quite place my finger on @_@.

Okay, sleep now, general insanity awaits me tomorrow. Might not have a picspam for ya'll though cause' I'll be running around like a headless chicken carrying a shitload of things so I probably won't be lugging my camera out. Have a good sunday ya'll <3

Who knew?

Today / tomorrow was supposed to be action packed, but looks like that isn't going to happen right now.It's a giant complicated mess right now, so everything's pushed back to 2 weeks later. In other news, I went for a 2nd f21 interview, but this time just for the sales assistant position. They told me the reason I wasn't accepted as a VM is because I had no prior experience, but starting from the ground up would give me a place to start. They offered me the position. Validating as it may be, I can't accept it cause' I'm stuck here. Sad hor? Siansation x 52932093.

On another note, I need to get new curtains. My current ones are black, yet somehow manage to be sheer when my light is on. That window also happens to face the outside of my front door and my neighbor's window (and they have no curtains). Knnb usually I prop a mattress in front of the window so nothing can be seen but I forgot my mom took the mattress down and put it in another room so I can now officially say I became a stripper this morning -.- .... Son of a bitch man srsly. NEED THOSE FUCKING CURTAINS ASAP.

Bored as fuck right now. It's an easy job, really. I just sit here and surf the net but there's only so much internet to surf jeeeeeeez i'm so FUCKING bored someone save me zzzzzzzzzzzz

Weigh !

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Loot post #3029303

ASOS Roaring tiger studs! Cute leh I like lol

Anchor stockings T_T ! MAD love these la how cute are they?! Totally love the unique anchor print ^^

Cageback Tank ! Love this, still trying to figure out how the fuck I'm going to wear a bra with it though KUAKUAKUA #failblog

Delia's picnic halter and Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue Plastic Shopper Tote. Kinda bought this tote on impulse, selling at $20 if anyone is keen (: !

Oh and quite possibly my favourite item of the day (CHINGY PLEASE DON'T KILL ME), Cath Kidston Hardhsell for my iphone!! SO FUCKING CUTE ARGH BUAY TAHAN T_T

Okay that's about it, but my sister's looking for stuff again, do text her if you have these:

Waisted Chiffon Blouson from Lovebonito (White, Blue or Pink) & Waterfall Ruched Top by Agneselle in White or Pink Size S

Text her at 98259290 if you have it k :D !

Feeling bored again. Tomorrow is going to be infuckingsane and so will sunday, so hopefully I can get my shit together and get thrrough the day! Tonight's shift is til midnight. So. Fucking. Bored i could cry T_T ! Okay that is all ttyl !


Topshop goodness / skull cardigan

Tagged UK 8, but I can wear leh lol. Can even button if I inhale as deeply as I can and try to make my naval touch my spine HAHAHAHAHAHA but I wear it open la obviously. Need to breathe one lor can?

Not sure smlj expression is this, but the rest were worse so semi-gek-sai-um-chio face it is! OH WAIT THERE'S A BIRD ON MY FACE! THIS IS MY OFFICIAL JIAO BIN ! Or cockface, literally. LOL the things I do to amuse myself tsk tsk lol

Love the skull prints leh. They're cute yet sinister. Love the contrast :D ! Not quite sure if I should sell leh cause it's really cute @_@ ! $29 for this, lemme know if anyone wants to confirm it keke

Delias hoodie! I don't know why it looks like I'm wearing a maxi dress in the 2nd photo lor basket tsk

Ubercute prints!

Delias Magic! Tagged L, but it's a bit on the short side leh I think, like 22" down by guesstimation ! Going for $25!

On a side note, I'm okay la. It's just sometimes I can't help but fall into quicksand-that-is-self-pity lol. But it will be okay. At the end of June or perhaps July I'll have a chance to run. 4 months from now. Just four months. I CAN DO THIS, GOD DAMN IT! It's going to be okay. Cause' in the immortal words/lyrics of the Goddess Katy Perry :


HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am so bo liao ._. ! Please try not to judge lmao

head in the clouds.

I'm talking to daniel now and it's just downright depressing. It's all true. All true, the things he is saying but what I'm saying is also true.

I'm 22 and stuck. No career nor future no nothing, just stuck in this place like a fly on sticky paper. how can I leave? how can I bring myself to leave? how can I bring myself to follow in my shitty brother's / douchebag father's footsteps? can I be selfish enough to do what they did; to be unthinking and selfish and fucked up - causing consequences that others have to bear instead? will they forgive me if i run? can i forgive myself if i run? what will become of my sister and mother if i leave? I cannot just think for myself. It's not just about me it's not only about me. we are a family. a unit. our own support group against his tyranny. we do things for each other. we hurt for each other. we have our own crosses to bear, but we share & distribute the weight amongst ourselves. we (are forced to) bear the consequences of each selfish decision made by one another / idiot brother / said tyrant. i can't just leave. i can't be as selfish as the males in my family have proven themselves to be. i cannot and will not bring myself to be that way. and so it goes. to go places or to be selfish? to put self before family or family before self? destroy or be destroyed? i cannot justify turning my back on my family just for the sake of my sanity and future. surely there is not enough justification in the world for that. but then again, how do you justify everything you've been putting us through? how oh how indeed.

you have ruined us all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

selling random stuff

Hot Topic BNWT Teeth Necklace (Tagged USD $12) - $20
BNIB ASOS Woven Flats UK6/39 ( Retailing at 25 Pounds) - $60

ASOS Vine Ring, Tagged size M, will fit ring size 7 (retailing at 10 pounds) - $20

F21 Striped Sailor Necklace $14

Charlotte Russe Double Love Rings in Silver and Gold (size 8 / fits Diva L ) - $12 each or both for $20

Grommet Toms Size W9 , worn a few times but it's abit too big so letting go. Retailing at $98 at Rock star, selling for $60 with meetup or full trade with size W8 or W8.5 !

Topshop Pink bandage dress, tagged UK14, Retailed at $129 or something, going for $80

F21 BNWT Seagull Print Bikini ! Tagged M for both top and bottom, fits a uk10 best! - $37 for the whole set. PENDING

BNWT Topshop Bandage Dress - Tagged uk 12 - $30
Authentic Paul Frank Acrylic Skully Necklace - $23

ASOS Lace Corset Tagged M or L can't remember but it fits a uk 10-12 nicely. Make your bf a happy, happy man LOL $25

ASOS Sequinn Bralet - 34B i think ? Fits a uk6-8 -$23 PENDING

ASOS Suede Bag (retailing at 40 pounds) - chioness personified - going for $70 with meetup !

Zipia Mint Green Cardigan - super chio minty green ! Free sized fits uk 8-12 I think - $25 PENDING

F21 red stone ring Size 8 (fits diva M/L) $10

Blue Vans ! Damn good condition, bottom soles are almost brand new ! Tagged Women's 7.5, $30 PENDING

Blue Keds! Good condition, fits a uk6/39 - uk7/40 ! $20 SOLD

Vintage typewriter #4 : Crown 300 ! Going for $150 as with all my vintage typewriters!

Okay I think that's most of it ! May be selling my black baggu tote and fredflare potato chip clutch/pouch but we'll see how la. Leave a comment (comments are screened) with your email or you can just txt me at 96716946 ! or leave a remark on formspring with your email etc. Fastest fingers first !

Also, am bored ): someone save me ):
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