Saturday, April 30, 2011


Just collected my PMT Cardigan OMG CHIO AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!

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The postoffice queue is motherfucking long !!!!! PUTAWHOREEEE

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brain weak.

Hey bbs, I'll be bringing the Mean girls badges to the flea tomorrow! Everyone who commented in the Nakedglory Mean Girls badge post before the 21st of April have already had their badges reserved for them! Will email ya'll on monday night when I'm back from the flea! Meanwhile, if your orders were placed after the 21st, I'll be making it a pre-order instead! So everyone gets the badges they want and I won't have 100000 excess plus overlapping stocks/orders to melt my braincells zzzz.

On a side note, it's 2.40am and I'm still prepping for the flea. Contemplating whether or not to bring my watches down to sell @_@ ! Don't forget to drop by okay, flea prices are always mad competitive so my toy rings will be going for 1 for $4 or 3 for $10 (as opposed to $5 each), acrylic rings are also cheaper ($7 for hi rings / $16 for Rock Steady rings)! ALL at the flea tomorrow! Am also wondering if i should sell the accessories i no longer wear but .. they're MY accessories !! My precious-es leh don't know if i should @_@. Luggage is full as it is already anyway zzzzzz.

Okay gonna :

1) pack parcels
2) pick outfit for tomorrow
3) Handtype all the packaging for the watches if I'm going to bring them down

So tomorrow I have to
a) meet xtine to pass her food colouring gels
b) collect + mail out parcels from PO
c) cab down to TAB
d) take photos for Hazel
e) meet 20000 buyers at the flea
f) try not to die

SHIT STILL NEED TO SHOVE MY CAMERA + CLOTHES THAT I'M MEETING BUYERS into my tiny, tiny luggage HOW AH confirm die zomg.


Hooked on Flea at TAB tomorrow, noon to 6pm (: !

Friday, April 29, 2011

Shimmy shimmy quarter turn.

I am fucking cranky right fucking now. It's only 1 motherfucking 18 in the fucking afternoon and I'm being BOMBARDED by stupidity leh like srsly can STFU and sit the fuck down anot? Fucking secondary school kid nia wanna yayapapaya with me I WILL FUCKING BACKHAND YOU INTO THE MIDDLE OF NEXT WEEK, UNDERMOTHERFUCKINGSTAND? Fucking fucked up piece of stupid useless shit. Just fucking die now la nabei.

Wishful thinking.

Sometimes I really wonder how differently it would have panned out if you weren't such a fucking asshole.

But you are, and i know deep down in my black raisin-heart that you will never really change.

I know the odds, but I will keep hoping until you shatter me again. Perhaps I will have finally learnt my lesson then. Perhaps.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anchors aweigh.

I'm gonna be 22 in less than 2 weeks. Feel motherfucking OLD leh nabei zzzzz okay I just ran like 4000000 errands motherfucking warm! With the amount of sweat i'm excreting, it's really a huge fucking surprise that I haven' shrank into a uk6 / become a raisin yet nabei!

Okay ttyl going to plop myself in front of the fan and try to not to die TTYL


Where the hell is my sister / mother ?!?!

[ via little ninjas in my iphone ]

Selling post !

Oops sorry the post is taking longer than I expected! Gimme 15 ins paiseh :X



Txt me at 96716946 to confirm / meetups in tampines or town / no trades pls !

muchias gracias,


Raw-edged brolly tank

F21 Cotton biker jacket, Supre boob tube (this is fucking cute la, tempted to keep but i don't really wear stripes as a general rule leh :/ )

Dorothy perkin's picnic dress // Topshop Blazer in grey

Supre leopard print tube / Supre Splotch print swing dress

Supre boob tubes in pink and red

So yesterday I stayed up to take selling post pics and you see that curtain behind? It's bloody long so my mom pinned the hem up with safety pins! I unpicked them and found .. my old ezlink card which I thought I'd lost rofl. Somehow, she'd managed to fold my certain hems to form deep pockets or something nabei win already lor now I have two ezlink cards dunno for fuck also lmao. Anyway, will be putting these up on sglelong in abit. Still have some freelance work to do urgh zzzzz. Okay that is all, ttyl !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


(source) + click pic to enlarge for full effect!

This made me chuckle. So cute hor omg \(T3T)/ ! Personally, i think photoshop is overrated la. Illustrator FTW! Okay ttyl, I've selling post pics to take right now ;P

Seeing red.

I lost my temper today. If you follow me on twitter ( I basically only use it to swear my ass off or if i REALLY FUCKING HAVE TO COMPLAIN about something on the spot ), you'd know this fucking morning, some fucking slut swerved (at the very motherfucking last minute) into our lane with no motherfucking warning or signal or ANYTHING, almost knocked into my dad and proceeded to take the last fucking lot in the fucking car park.

This fucking putawhore did not even look sorry o-motherfucking-k? Just sibei bochup leh like it was her motherfucking right to almost kill two people while driving recklessly knnb joking or motherfucking what, slutface?? My dad dropped me off and went to wait for another lot while i went to the PO to collect my shit and when I walked back to the carpark, he'd parked and was off running his errands already. The slut's car was still there. There was somebody in the passenger's seat. Gone fuck srsly she should NOT have been in the fucking car. I was all like

I went straight up to her and knocked til she rolled the window down and proceeded to really give it to her nabei. Do not fucking fuck with me, understand? If your daughter can't fucking drive, fucking throw her license the fuck away. Super motherfucking angry. She almost knocked into my dad, o fucking k ?? MORON. CANNOT DRIVE FOR NUTS THEN DON'T FUCKING DRIVE LA KNNB SIBEI DULAN RECKLESS BITCH IS FUCKING RECKLESS.

URGH. On a less shitty note, my sister is the fucking bomb. She bought back 3 boxes and a giant pack of microwavable mac and cheese and 6 cans of beef stew. One part of my kitchen now looks like a grocery store commercial, it's fucking awesome.

Also, she bought me ... 3 fucking bags of supre. THREE. FUCKING. BAGS LEH. Good times, ppl. Good times. Okay I'm going to shop the angst away for now. Still fucking pissed off. Ttyl brb

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Selling 2 Switchfoot tickets for $78 each!! My cousin last minute CMI so am selling! Do text 9336 2275 for fast deals k ! They're playing this thursday k so hurry ^^ !!!

SOLD muchias gracias!


On left (top to bottom) : F21 Aviators // Vintage Aviators // Risky Business Shades from Fredflare
On Right; Yellow Shades - online // Blue shades - UO // purple shades -sgflea

Scored these vintage shades at the flea market on Sunday. Really cute uniquely shaped ^^

Current favourite bracelets/cuffs.

Stretchy Gold Bracelet from Newlook. Was loaded with pearls and charms but I raped it with my pliers lol.

Marc Jacobs leather bracelet (Nemo Nisi Mors) which means only death shall part us lol. Got it from Hazel at only $10 ! Usually ppl selling for $18 so get yours at her warehouse or her flea market this saturday at TAB ^^

ASOS chain/pleated leather bracelet. This is fucking heavy la but really unique!

Have worn this quite a few times but it hasn't even begun to tarnish so I'm quite pleased kekeke ^^

F21 Aztec Cuff!

Cicada Bug Cuff from ASOS. Mad love this srsly.

And this my current obsession. Claw cuff from ASOS. Fucking nice la omg chio maximum T_T ! Please note the glint from the sunshine HAHAHAHAHA super kuazhang lmao NO I DID NOT PHOTOSHOP THAT THERE LOL

This is my actual bangle stash lah but damn lazy to take pictures of EVERYTHING so here's just a chapalang view lmao.

OPI DS Radiance, OPI DS original and OPI Mad as a Hatter. MAAH is FUCKING hard to find okay? Ppl are selling it on ebay for like $50 but Hazel managed to score some and she's selling them for $10 at her warehouse. Unfortunately, I've already bought them all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay miso horrible BUT MUST STOCK UP WHAT RIGHT?!!? What if i finish it my current bottle then how T_T??

Typewriter! Really rare to find one in non-plastic carrying case :D !

vintage typewriter #5 : Olivetta Lettera 31 (will be Up on Nakedglory later today!)

Okay that is all! My sister's coming back from Australia tonight YAY GO AIRPORT EAT GOOD NOMS KEKEKEKE! Was actually feeling kinda cranky cause there are a fucking lot of morons in the lan shop today but she just txted me saying she's armed to the teeth with Supre loots for me so *BOOMZ* instant mood lifter KEKEKE PSYCHED! Okay ttyl i need to do more freelance work @_@

The tides have turned.

Scored these 2 pretty vintage straps at the flea market I went to on Sunday! One's a pretty shade of mossy-peesai green, the other is a really serene blue. Got the straps swapped out on 2 of the watches and they are FUCKING nice la sorry2say LOL. KEEPING FOR MYSELF cause' I'm a greedy bitch like that rofl.

Anyway, today I set 6 different alarms so I could wake up a little earlier so that I could take a picpsam for ya'll ^^ ! They're uploading on flickr right now, don't forget to check back in abit k? Sorry for the slow updates recently though. Have been in a funk after receiving news that I can't go and work for Hazel til like the start of July. Really makes me wanna /wrists srsly like FKKKKKKKK NOOOOOOOOOO not again STOP DELAYING I WANT TO LEAVE T_T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh.

Urgh okay shan't talk about shitty things. Frivolous pictures coming your way in abit BRB !

Monday, April 25, 2011



Been feeling a little fat lately lol. I know I'm not usually the type who bitches about her weight la like OMG MISO FAT ETC ETC ETC but I stopped swimming quite some time back and I've been feeling chubbeh recently T_T ! I keep telling myself I should wake up at like 6am to swim before work but who am I kidding srsly I can't even be bothered to get up to pee lmao. I'll be all like ~nvm can tank / can tank / CAN TANK / SHIT NO CANNOT TANK ALREADY before running to the toilet like my ass is on fire rofl.

Hopefully after I get to work for Hazel (I'll be ending work at a reasonable time) I'll have enough discipline to go swim or take up the MMA class I keep telling myself I should take lol.

Aiya okay I'm really should pack my shit ttys!
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