Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oops forgot to add this to the list :

Lovely nautical rings from Playground-love.com ! Both colours are equally wearable and cute - I'd ask which colour I should get but since they're only $8 each, this problem is obviously VERY easily solved heh heh heh ;P

LIKE A BOSS LOL RAR okay back to freelancing. I CAN'T FEEL MY EYEBALLS ALREADY PUI After this freelance spam I'm gonna take a break. LOL no la just joking lol if someone else comes along and says "YOKO HERE'S $XXXX PLEASE MAKE MY SITE", I'm totally grabbing it and clinging tightly on until it tells me to GTFO LMAO OKAY THAT IS ALL KTHXBAI


I know I know - I said I wanted it to be a surprise but jeez what is this srsly?? Someone showed me her URL/link last year on formspring awhile back and I didn't say a thing. I didn't diss or get pissed off or anything I was perfectly nonchalant about it because quite frankly not every single word or phrase in the dictionary 'belongs' to someone/anyone (barring trademarked phrases la but that's a different story) so why should I get riled up ?

I really don't appreciate accusations, especially when they're completely false.

Decisions decisions :

Pistachio or aubergine ? Can't decide @_@ I'm leaning towards pistachio but then again most of my clothes match aubergine better. Or maybe I'll just get both LMAO LMAO No la just kidding I don't excrete money but if only I did T_T !

On a side note, I recently bought :

1) Zara tank in Nude
2) Zara white peasant tank
3) Some flowy-top nonsense from F21
4) Heartprint dress
6) Sandals from thequietriot
7) OPI Private Jet (google this. Mad chio!!!!)
8) OPI Show It and Glow It (for my sister)

Lol this is just for my reference. Sometimes I shop so much, I forget exactly what I've bought @_@. Then suddenly EH WHY GOT REG SLIP WHAT IS THIS HAHAHAHA Okay failblog back to work ttys !

Smelly post #4

Sorry this is such a terribly underexposed and fugly photo @_@ ! Just wanted to show ya'll the giant collection of shoes I keep adding to - it's quite insane @_@.

Pink sandals from PMT ! These are really very cute! Really guniang-ifies your entire outfit LMAO


F21 Polkadot Chunky Heels, tagged US 8 ! Selling for Lydia at $45, worn twice ! Has slight scuff marks, but other than that, in generally good condition. Sold out on site and in stores, text me if keen <3 !

You know you want~~

On a side note, sent out the package to the aforementioned popular blogger.

Sigh, so proud of this little logo.

Okay that is all, fuck I'm so tired I fell asleep while photoshopping these photos just now LMAO. Also hor, I just tried using Vichy's Foam Cleanser - my god my face now feels smoother than a baby's ass. Not that I know what a baby's ass feels like -shifty eyes- . LOLOL no but srsly, super soft la wtf and it smells awesome!

Hmkay so 1 website and 1 poster down, another poster and 2 more websites to go ! Deadline for one of the websites is tomorrow, wish me luck priss cause confirm my brain will have a mini-meltdown halfway. After tomorrow's website it should be relatively less stressful cause the deadlines aren't that close together THANK YOU GOD. Okay that is all, heart you all long long time and thank you so much for the feedback on the FTS poster!

Monday, May 30, 2011

I can't feel my fingers.

Poster for Flock To Shop's flea in june :D ! PIrate themed, obviously lol. First time trying out this style of illustration, oh my god my brain cannot take it SO MUCH WORK ZZZZ Anyway, let me know what you think !

Click to enlarge! Wah srsly fucking tired I've been chionging this all day zzz. Hmkay ttyl, gotta close up the lan shop afk !


Scored these lovely pair os leather sandals on thequietriot.sg :


Cute, aren't they?? But fuck la yesterday I was freelancing my eyeballs off and left the window open at the payment page and when I revisited the tab at night, MY SIZE WAS SOLD OUT! OMG super angry / irritated at myself tsk. I should just stick to my golden rule : Buy first regret later LMAO.

So anyway, I know I said I wouldn't get anymore footwear, but this is soooo adorable how to resist T_T !? I got it in one size larger than my usual, so hopefully these run a little small! Too pretty to pass up, Y/N ?



Not really a big fan of the clothes, but they do have a few gems here and there which you really have to troll hard to find! Okay that is all, I am now officially freelance's bitch so I'll TTYL T_T


Snuck out of the house at 1 in the morning to meet J, who surprised me with a brand spanking new chilli-red VESPA. Mad lovely I swear!

Vespa GTS Super 300

Wah lao eh mad shiok to sit on. He'd previously owned a Scrambler and nabei those are totally NOT shiok to ride pillion on ):< ! Yeah it was badass but it was really bad FOR your ass lol the seat was mega narrow and tiny so it feels MAD unstable - like you're gonna fall off and scrub the road with your face anytime @_@. Oh and he got an extra helmet for me kekekeke it really was a good night though - he was being uncharacteristically sweet the whole time. Perhaps that was the alcohol working it's magic lol.

On a side note, he told me he swapped to a Vespa cause' he knew I liked them. LOL SURE ANOT?? Don't come and kiss ass liddat leh HAHAHA very romantic leh my heart will faint one leh LOLOLOL. I remain 80% skeptical though lol.

Meh okay freelance AGAIN ROAR okay ttyl.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Nabei really FUCKING pissed off now. THREE fucking guai lan little pricks in a row in my fucking lan shop I really cannot tank. Fucking young kids nowadays really begging for a highfive to the balls or something ?! SO FUCKING GUAI LAN FOR FUCK? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? No, fuck that. Scratch that thought. I don't give a flying RAT'S ASS AS TO WHOM YOU FUCKING THINK YOU ARE BECAUSE LET'S FUCKING FACE IT, IN REALITY, YOU ARE NOTHING. You're just a tiny little midget boy who's probably too fucking young to even know how to SPELL 'spectacularly retarded' so don't FUCKING COME AND GUAI LAN WITH ME OKAY FUCKING FUCK I DON'T FUCKING GIVE FACE IN MY FUCKING LAN SHOP, YOU BETTER GET THAT STRAIGHT. MY FUCKING LAN SHOP, GET THAT STRAIGHT. NOT FUCKING HAPPY, GET THE FUCK OUT. Don't fucking come and guai lan with me, I will not fucking bother to serve you at fucking all. Wanna guai lan? My guailan-ness will rape the shit out of your guai-lan-ness. My guailan-ness will ASS RAPE YOUR GUAILAN-NESS WHILE YOUR GUAILAN-NESS CRIES HYSTERICALLY AT THE TRAUMA. Don't FUCKING push me okay chao cheebai I don't fucking give face neither do I fucking care if you're 7 or 17 or 27 or 77. If you're rude to me, you can get the fucking fuck out of my fucking lan shop.

See la nabei fucking young pricks dunno how fucking old only wanna be so fucked up. Fucking making my inner ahlian come out of the closet srsly. Nabei 10 years old only leh. You know how fucking rude he was anot?? Srsly. The back of my hand was ITCHING to meet his cheek face to face. Like I said, I didn't fucking care how old he was I just fucking FUCKED him up. Nabei little prick YOUNG SO WHAT? YOUNG MEANS CAN BE SPOILT SO BADLY? KNN HE NEEDS TO BE CHAINED TO A CHAIR AND SLAPPED IN THE BALLS REPEATEDLY FOR 10 HOUR OR SOMETHING. FUCKING PISSED OFF LA CAN NABEI PARENTS NEVER TEACH IZZIT FUCKING MEI DA MEI XIAO CHAO CHEEBAI URGH I really fucking hate kids. If my kid was like this I would disown him in a heartbeat. Or kill him. Either one la.

Nabei now my face is just like

Fuck la so fucking angry I'm srsly going to slap something


Good Charlotte - Last Night
Aubrey O'Day - Automatic
The Noisettes - Every Now And Then
Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman (Old school, i know)
Afrojack - Take Over Control

And last but not least :

Black Eyed Peas - Love you long time

Do not listen to that last song unless you want it stuck in your head. Youtube everything here! Promise you won't regret it lol. OGAY FREELANCE AGAIN T_T

Fuck fuck shit fuck

I took pictures for a shoe post today :D !! But me being the smart bitch I am, LEFT THE SD CARD IN THE CAMERA. AOISDJAOSIDJAOSIDJAOSIDJ Miso sorry so no pics today T_T !

On a side note, fuck i think CMI already la I have SO MANY SHOES! Never really thought of myself as a shoe lover but wah today when I compiled my favourites in two rows, they couldn't fit into my camera frame @_@ ! I was obviously an octopus in my previous life. Or a centipede. Or quite possibly a freaky mutant combination of both.

Took a break from chionging my freelance and ate into my sleepytime last night by means of a late night movie with my favourite people. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2, which wasn't as good as the original la I find, but still good enough to de-stress me for abit. Hmkay so this isn't related at all, but my friend left a little jar of lemon candy in my house. It's the fucking sourest thing I have ever eaten in my life. It fucking trumps lemons. It's like the grand daddy of lemons. It could take 20 lemons and make them it's bitch. 999999 x essence of lemon all packed into a tiny little knob. And there were only a few left so I packed them into the empty gum bottle (the purple one) in the photo below :

So after the movie I took the bottle out and was like "Eh try this it's awesome" and dropped TWO BIG PIECES into Shaun's hand. AND THE FUCKING GREEDY PIG JUST POPPED IT INTO HIS MOUTH SO FAST THAT EVEN THE 'NOOOOOOOOO' I yelled out did not even manage to complete itself.







HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHH Man you should have seen it. SO EPIC. Srsly it was funnier than the whole fucking movie lmao -wipes eyes-

On a side note, I've engaged one of my favourite bloggers to advertise Nakedglory for me ! So psyched and happy, I really can't wait for the advertorial to be out :D ! She's going overseas though so she'll be shooting pics of them in L.A ! Can't get over how awesome this opportunity is T_T ! Sigh so happy so happy so very happy T_T ! Hmkay deadline is 5pm, ttyl !

Saturday, May 28, 2011



Game on.

Are GBCs now considered vintage lol ? On a side note - HOLY SHIT I AM STARVING T_T !! BRB GETTING NOMS

I want you to take over control.

ASOS beach bracelet pack.

Triple Anchor Ring. At 2am I was trying to sort out the loot bags, trying to see how to fairly split 3 bags of loot. Then I fell asleep LMAO #FAILBLOG

Freak necklace - one of my faves. Scored this at a thai designer fair at Vivocity 2 years ago - there was a showcase for young thai designers and their stuff was AWESOME. Like srsly awesome lol.

Another favourite, but unfortunately, the fine chain broke and I haven't been able to find a colour-compatible replacement since @_@. Sad.

Current favourite : $7.50 from Cotton On Wisma. Tempted to get the gold version as well leh how ah D:

H&M Gunmetal bracelet, Stylemafia Ornate Ring

Oh and ............... sneaks for the next stitch ring spam :

Stich wearing a scrump float?! Dying from cuteness overload right now.

Oh and found the tiny piglet ring that someone was supposed to buy. Anyone keen? It's mad, mad tiny and cute :D !

Okay that is all, just wanted to revive my blog a little from it's zombie-like state for abit, more freelance work to do T_T so TTYL

Friday, May 27, 2011


Ysterday when I opened my mailbox, it looked like someone had stuffed the shit out of it like it was a turkey's ass on thanksgiving. STUFFED to the bloody brim srsly I shit you not! And to add insult to injurt, I found FOUR REGISTERED SLIPS INSIDE. Excuse me ?!?! Are you retarded?!?!? WHY on earth would you put my slips in my mailbox?!?! Stupid or what srsly this postman FUCKING lazy i buay tahan him srsly forever giving me the slip while failing to give me my slip (HAHA MISO PUNNY HAHAVOMITHA) NABEI!!!!!!

Reg slip inside my mailbox gum pui ah?! ccb zzzz

On a side note, just paid XXX to my supplier, All my moneh is gone miso sad T_T. Selling post soonish-ish-ish when I can. In the meantime, just wanted to let ya'll know this will be my very last batch of watches already.

Should I hold a pre-order where ya'll can select the designs you want? Or just buy a few pieces per design as usual :/ ?


Busy busy busy busy as fuck but I just wanna take 5 mins of my time to say that I really do love giving people stuff because of the joy it brings. I give stuff to my close friends cause I like making people happy. And with this giveaway I was hoping to put a smile on the faces of 3 random girls. Which I did.

Unfortunately, there's been a troll who's been, well, trolling my formspring. Grumbling about how it was a waste of time to join and how it was biased.

I just want to tell you that I couldn't be happier that you didn't win, seeing how you're such a sore little bitch. You can go on trolling and tell me that I wasted your time etc but I really don't give a shit la. I'm busy as fuck this week, and normally I'd get pissed off but now I'm just like lol-who-has-time-to-give-a-shit-about-this-bitch. I don't have time for this, but you can troll as much as you want la because as much as i like to give, I'm not about to give a shit about ~how much time you've wasted~ and how i cheated your feelings etc etc lol.

Okay that is all, hope ya'll are having a good few days because I'm gonna be MIA for abit. Still alive on formspring when I have a few minutes in between projects to breathe though but probably won't be back til i'm done with this project spam ! Hmkay ttyl, heart all ya'll non-sore-losers long time !

Thursday, May 26, 2011


ASOS STUFF ARRIVED IN THE MAIL !! Just order it last week some more muaahahahahahah ^^ !

The toga top is mad cute, but my sister says the embellishments at the top are super auntie, so I guess I'll be doing some editing to it lol. Okay ttyl freelanceeeeeee

Thoughts :

1) I need a break.
2) How busy are you that you can't reply msgs?
3) Why do I even care that you aren't replying
4) I am super unproductive recently
5) I need to get my shit together
6) I need to get my shit together
7) I really might take a break from blogging as much - much too much too much on my plate right now zz.


I edited it into chipmunk voice because I'm bo liao and stressed out and need entertainment. Plus it's funny LOL.

Hope you like the loots bbs, have txted ya'll already keke ♥


Why are people so annoying? Why don't you save your soreness for your anal fissure? Go away la tsk.

What up ya'll!

Fuck I'm really fucking busy this week my brain is very tired ): !

Picking the winners now, going to video the process so no one will yap at me LOL gotta make this quick though - I've freelance shit to shit out zzzz.


PS - there were 233 entries this time ! about 5 times as many entries at the previous one omg @_@ !

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nothing to prove.

Hectic day / 2 freelance projects to push out / met my watch supplier yesterday / found out that no more new stocks will be come in after this batch for more than a month because they're from japan and the tsunami basically wiped out the factory / just when i managed to get hold of super pretty leather straps ): / did i mention today's a hectic day / super tired / not even halfway done / want to cry already zzz.

Oh and on a side note, giveaway ends today! Not sure if I should do one of those livechat nonsense thingies in case ppl wanna kaobei say I'm not being fair lol. See how la. Look like cock today livechat sai ah ROFL oh and i got these for my external hard drive yesterday - hopefully they'll look as good IRL.

In blue, green and brown lol. Skarly when they come my hard drive can't fit I WILL CUT A BITCH LOL. Okay that is all, freelance to chiong or it's my head T_T ttyl !

PS - on a side note, I'm slightly ashamed to say I was quite tempted to get one in baby pink (the one with the embossed apple logo) cause I am quite possibly a closet bimbo lol. HENG OOS else I'd have to confess + flay myself twice a day or something lol. OKAY THAT IS REALLY ALL GTG BAI

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Oh and by the way, just in case you're wondering - yes, this is my H&M accessory spam ROFL.

Dreamcatcher earrings / Pleater Cuff / Nautical Rings / Nautical Charm Bracelet / Anchor Necklace / Nautical earring sets LMAO ya la I know there's quite obviously an excessive, well, excess of nautical shit but it's nautical season lor what you want?! LOL please try not to judge me. Okay I gotta leave the house in 5min, ttys !

Supermassive loot post : F21 + UO Spam

F21 Purple Tunic

F21 Referee Print Bandage skirt - I can't quite explain it but I kinda feel like this could be crazy versatile lol. Shrugs. We'll see when it arrives :D

Faceted Gem Earrings (first pair of earrings in a damn long time @_@ ) and rabbit ring.

Loungefly keycap - I'm a sucker for cute keycaps LOL

MARIO TIN!!!!!! SUPER CUTE OMG The sweets are shaped like the little coins you collect in the game ! LOL i know this is damn fucking boliao but if you've read me for long enough, you'd know boliao + cute = my weak spot ROFL

BDG Boat Shoes from UO - cute right :D ?

More keycaps : Mac and cheese set from Loungefly :D !


Hmkay so that is all for this loot post - gonna troll ASOS.com and karmaloop in abit, BRB :D !
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