Thursday, June 30, 2011

She's a sucker for all the criminals breaking her heart.

My hard drive covers have arrived, despite being held up and missing in action for many weeks. They're pretty, but WAY too small. Fits my iphone snugly / has straps that can be tucked in / MAD LOVE the purple suede interior. It's a really, really, REALLY vivid purple. Lush.

Still stuck here in the lan shop. Feeling angsty as fuck, my dad's around and packing and breathing down my neck and worst of all, he's cranky too. FML x 10. TTYS if I haven't stabbed myself with a penknife KTHXBAI.

They say, be afraid.

Forever21 / H&M / Zipia / Nastygal / UO loot ! Collecting it at Hazel's warehouse this Monday.. WHEN I START WORK THERE :D !!! *prances around in a circle*

LOL yeah I know, I shop wayyyyyy too much lol. Fuck I really need to do a selling post la my cupboard is going to explode T_T. On a side note, can't fucking wait for Karmaloop to reach me !! Hmkay ttys, another picspam for later !

Dying / dying / dead

Shifting the lan shop barang these few days / yesterday I moved and carried monitors and CPUs and tables and chairs and bllloards / i am now a slug.

Knocked the fuck out the moment i got home. I was thinking to myself 'nvm la 5 min nap then go bathe', lay down on the bed and suddenly it was 9.30am. LATE AS FUCK. Shifting more shit again. Everyone is cranky. Good fucking morning. Good. Fucking. Morning.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking :

Anybody signing up for the Singtel nonsense and doesn't want the Lady Gaga Tix ??? Please drop me a txt at 96716946 if you have one or two okay priss priss Love ya'll long time ♥♥♥♥

Sealed with a kiss. Or a plastic sealer.

Finally got my hands on a plastic sealer. Step classy only srsly LOL the brand name is Soud'sac. I think it's a french brand, if I'm not wrong. Personally, anytime i hear the word sack I think of scrotums (LOLOLOL) but then again my mind is dirtier than a gutter.

Anyway, have been sealing stuff like free (LMAO) so pleased to finally get my hands on one - and for super cheap too ! When you seal plastic, it's just .. so much more ~professional~ looking as compared to using magic tape (which is what I've been using to seal my packages).

Have sealed the shit out of the loot bags from the previous giveaway, will be mailing them out tmr (: ! LOL IKR procrastinator of the year, I know. Okay lah actually not my fault okay VERY HARD TO FIND PLASTIC SEALER OKAY -ignores logic- lol okay that is all, more later! Gotta stagger my entries mah LOL incase ya'll say i'm blogging less and less T_T ! Okay back to freelance - am trying to clear everything within these 2 days so I won't be in a psychotic state of frenzied panic when I leave the lan shop. Also, I AM FINALLY LEAVING THE LAN SHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy / so happy / so very fucking happy T_T !!!!!

okay srsly gtg ttys don't forget to check back later ^^ !

PS - thanks for the views yesterday !! I almost hit 1.6k page views yesteday and I'm guessing it's cause of the new layout? So sorry but it isn't compatible with IE AT ALL. Gotta figure my way around that when I'm doing with freelance T_T. Okay that is all, i really fucking have to go BYE !

Typewriter anatomy

Adler Junior 12 / Silver Reed SR 15 / Olympia Travel De Luxe

3 typewriters I've recently sourced, all up for sale on Nakedglory! Drop me a text at 96716946 if keen and I'll let you know if the current reservations fall through k !

On a side note, I'm fucking pissed off today. Incompetent fucks in the lan shop are FUCKING incompetent. It's your job, why the fuck are you looking at me like I hold all the secrets of the universe? WHY DO YOU LOOK SO CONFUSED?! Aren't you supposed to know this?? Why are you asking me stupid questions???

Super fucktarded and also, nabei you're fucking pissing me off okay. Must you always sound so irritated when I call you? Did I accidentally rape your anus with a fork or something? Nabei you cut my line TWICE yesterday and now you refuse reply my messages. I don't know if it's because you're sleeping or somehow have been in a coma since last night for about 14 hours or something, but can you fucking reply anot? Fucking pissing me off lor srsly. Asshole. What did I do to you ??

TSK NOW THEN REPLY _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_

KNN dulan to the max today. Everyone needs to fuck off fucking far far a-motherfucking-way.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A series of unfortunate events:

Yesterday was my last day at the Tampines lanshop. Today i'm stuck here at Toa Payoh and I must say I'm very sorry to report that Toa Payoh kids are dumber than Tampines kids x 3910291092. Oh my god I feel like punching their faces in. Yes, I was obviously born without maternal instincts. DUH.

On a side note, my dad is packing up the lan shop now; by Friday it will be completely empty. I don't know how I feel about it. 70% happy, 30% sad/worried about my family's income now that it's been halved.

Okay so anyway, I'm blasting 'Fuck Him He's A DJ' by Ke$ha at the lan shop and my lan shop is currently filled with primary school kids. They looked horrified when they first heard the chorus LMAO! At first I was like :

Am I corrupting the youths of tomorrow ????

But after that I was like :


Put together.

Short behind-the-scenes video on my vimeo! I would embed it here, but it's not high-def when you watch it outside of vimeo T_T.

Monday, June 27, 2011

David Chan x rêvasseur : Faraway Prefall 11'/12' (Behind the scenes)


Wigs specially flown in from New York.

Candy coloured, quirky shoes.

One of the pieces of the Faraway Prefall 2011-2012 collection by rêvasseur.

Prepping the lights.

Valentina before makeup :D

Okay this picture doesn't really do her much justice but she is FREAKING pretty after makeup !!!! Like srsly D:

Speaking of makeup, Xara Lee was the makeup artist! Nice and friendly (:

2nd Model. Didn't quite get her name though lol oops. Will find out tonight ;x

Pretty Essie colours :D

Chicken rice for lunch. It was pretty good, or perhaps we were just starving.

Touching up half-way during shots. Also, see that grey/white ball thingy on the designer's wrist??

IT'S A SKULL PINCUSHION D: ~~ !! Freaky as fuck lol.

Pins were inserted into this (poor) styrofoam head so that it'd keep the wig in shape.

And a sneering David Chan, #1 Hater LOL

We went to Ikea to nom after. Oh my god, meatballs, how I have missed you T_T.

Appetite has been going mad recently. Been eating portions so small it's like underfeeding an already malnourished child or something. This is 5 meatballs with pasta, which was pretty awesome.

AND THIS CHOCOLATE MOUSSE was like a present from God himself. It's ridiculously smooth and creamy, and the best part is .. it only costs 90 cents. I SHIT YOU NOT LOL when I laid eyes on it I swear the heavens parted and I heard the hallelujah chorus playing somewhere in the background lol. MAGIC. Sooooo good /dead

Hargao at Crystal Jade with Lydia afterwards. Pretty yummy, but I was about to explode from all the Ikea noms. Collected another typewriter, I now have FIVE vintage typewriters at home LOL. 1 is huge and mine, 1's been sold, 3 are up for grabs. Pictures soon perhaps tonight or tomorrow.

On a side note, y/n to the new layout? I like it's simplicity. Super clean. Almost makes up for all the dirty jokes and swearing that goes on here *cue hum sup face* heh heh heh ;) ~

Okay that is all, almost done with freelance /wipes tears
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