Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm alive !!! Sorry for the absence lol have been trying my best not to die at the flea. On my feet for 3 days straight = braindead, i kid you not. So 3 days of not being at the office meant a gigantic pileup of orders and i only ~just~ finished work T_T. On the train home now from Jurong > Tampines tsk no fun for my bum T_T .

Small picspam if i don't KO the moment i get home. Also, am STARVINGGGGGGGGggggg! I wanna eat toasted bread or like 20pc nuggets or something cause i'm a fatty bom bom like that rofl.

Okay gonna try to get some shuteye on the long, long, ass-numbing ride home. TTYS !

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loot post #6 + Flea deets!

1. F21 Cuffed Denim Shorts in Light Denim
2. F21 Silky Floral Vest in Charcoal & Navy
3. F21 Sheer Hummingbirds Top
4. WAREHOUSE Tie Front Blouson

Also bought a cuff from Stradivarius and a necklace from Diva, which is coincidentally being sold at Topshop as well. Pics of those if I have the time.

Don't forget that Essie's going at $7 tomorrow :D ! If you can find me, you can try to ask me to help you look for the new Essie Cocktail Bling collection ^^ ! Oh and watches on sale at $23 tomorrow - mention you're a reader or a nakedglory customer and it'll just be $20 ♥ !

Smoochiezz #18


The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

Dates and Time:

28th Oct: 12pm to 11pm
29th Oct: 11am to 11pm
30th Oct: 11am to 11pm

See ya'll tomorrow ! Imma go concuss the fuck out, LONG 3 days ahead lol night ya'll !

I've got my eye on you.

Pinkie-sized bottles of OPI (from the Muppets collection) / eyeshadows galore / random nail corrector pen and a selection of the most neon, eye-popping colours in our showroom (cause someone asked me on formspring). See, miso nice! Taking the extra minute to do this for ya'll -insert halo here-

Something feels off about today. I feel like I can't quite catch my breath, for some reason.

On a less psychotic note, YAY NEW PELLET!!!!!!!!! Pellets are those wooden things that people cart their heavy goods on and they're usually discarded but they kept this one for me ! And this one HAS NO HOLES T_T ! Miso happy !!! No holes = more room to maneuver = better shots

Hmkay random post is random lol so i'm off to do more work now, ttys !

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sometimes after you stare at your work for too long, it starts to look weird.

Just a small map for a flea market, but something feels kinda off about it but I can't quite put my finger on it tsk. Okay gonna go stare at this for another hour brb !

AHHHHH OK I GET IT NOW, the colours of the 'blocks' weren't in sync!

Better y/n ? Wah okay, can have a proper sleep now. Have been up til 4 for the past few nights trying to figure out how to map this shit @_@

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come on, skinny love.

#1-4 : My new F21 Legend Necklace. Lovely and really dainty! Reminds me of a similar choker from Accessorize I used to own T_T ! It was also lovely and awesome .. until it fell headfirst into a moving fan and got dismembered. This f21 necklace shall be it's replacement!

#5 : Vintage-inspired watches, on sale at the Cathay Flea this weekend (: !

#6 : A blinding shade of neon orange by Essie

#7-10 : NYX Slide On Glide On Eyeliners ! Smudgeproof and the colours are INTENSELY vivid! My favourite is the silver - it's seriously shiny and it's been on the back of my hands for about 3 hours now and I've been rubbing at them all this while but it hasn't even budged! $12 each at the flea k !

: Random colourful polishes. Did I forget to mention that ALL ESSIE POLISHES are going for only $7 a piece at the flea ? That's $2 off PER BOTTLE LEH. Faster come and buy T_T !

Okay that is all, break's over and I've to go back to work ! TTYL!

Oh by the way, the weather's been seriously crappy lately. Will do a Rainy Day Playlist soon k ! Can't wait to intro all these obscure and mellow-as-fuck songs to ya'll ^^ !


What the gist, physicist ?

My maid made cheese biscuits T_T ! Woo they were nommy - but they were even better when I smothered them with cream cheese. Yummy in my tummy ^-^ !

Phwoar okay, I'm sick and coughing like a SARS patient or something, quite dulan. Wish my lungs would go ahead and explode already - end my misery, please! Also, Hazel asked me to sell my watches at the flea tomorrow. I feel kinda bad about it; almost like I'm taking advantage of her @_@ ! Aiy okay I'm starving but it's raining and I can't go and get my porridge. Now I'm back on default cranky mode lol.

Has anyone tried Torte yet??

I'm starvinggggg T_T !!! Okay bo liao post is bo liao KTHXBAI

Monday, October 24, 2011

Loot post #5

Monki Leaf Necklace / F21 Legend Necklace in gold and silver / F21 Curved Collar Necklace / F21 Spikey Edgey Necklace Silver & Gold

ASOS Cami With Cage Back in Green / ASOS Chiffon Panel Balloon Sleeve Top / ASOS Check Shirred Boob Tube

ASOS Swallow Haircomb / ASOS Avalon Leather Bracelet Pack / Fake Jesus wearing bracelets lol

UO Sparkle & Fade Colorblock X-Back Tank Top

Owl Medallion Quilt - one hell of a guai lan looking owl.

I have much too much on my plate right now. Okay back to work BYE
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