Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How MAC Batch codes work :

"MAC has reformulated many of their pigments, which is why “batch runs” can vary. I have the second formula of their Golden Olive pigment, for example. The code on that jar is BC6, which means it’s the second batch run (B), made and packaged in December (C) of 2006 (6). Get it?

MAC has also started using the digit “0″ for their batch codes to represent 2010. I purchased an eyeshadow from the MAC counter at Macy’s recently and it had a batch code of “A10″."


An example of our MAC Studio Tech with the Embossed batch code, ABO = First Run, November, 2010

The MAC Studio Tech Box, which also has the embossed batch number on the box. Please always remember to check that the batch numbers match those on the label of your MAC compact! Counterfeits are produced in huge batches, hence their batch codes generally differ from those on the box, or might not even be printed on the box at all !

Our MAC Studio Fix with codes matching their respective boxes and batches (A88, in this case)

Pictures of our MAC Studio Fix Foundations from 2008, 2009 and 2010 batches

Studiofix in C8 Shade, Batch code A88 (First run of August 2008)

Studiofix in NW40 Shade, Batch code A99 (First run of September 2009)

Studiofix in NC20 Shade, Batch code B50 (Second run of May 2010)

You'll notice that our batch codes differs as they should, and that all the batch codes are not exactly the same.

You'll also notice that the packaging labels for the shades are in different forms - for the C8 (August 2008) shade, it's in the form of sticker, whilst the NC20 (May 2010) shade has it's name printed on the box instead as MAC updated the packaging for their more recent batches of Studio Fix.

There's been some rumours flying around stating that your MAC is fake if the packaging is slightly different, but please know that it is normal for Mac's packaging to differ slightly from batch to batch, we'd like to refer you to this :

"There have been buyers who claim a MAC product is fake, if there are subtle differences, such as the type slightly higher or lower than usual or other minor change. Remember that MAC products are made by machines, so they will NOT all be perfect. Also, MAC does change their packaging, labels, etc., at times, so never accuse a seller of having fakes, unless you have confirmed the fake with MAC (talk with a manager because there are some newer makeup artists who aren't familar with all MAC or older MAC products and they will say the item is fake, just because they aren't familar with it. I am seeing changes in alot of my new stock from MAC (straight from MAC), including the new UPC code stickers. Some of the information on their boxes is also changing (including the pigment boxes), so please do not assume it is fake if different from products purchased in the past."

(Source : Ebay Guide How to Spot Fake Mac Cosmetics )

If you don't trust the various online sources, hear it straight from the horse's mouth right here and unedited :

In this video, we bring our products to a MAC store in town and have them verified by MAC Staff

From 1:17, we clarify if it's normal for the labels to differ ( sticker or printed form) and if it's normal for there to be slight changes in packaging with different batches.

Always check for obvious signs to verify the authenticity of your products! Here are some guides :

1. Accidentalbeauty's guide to Fake MAC Cosmetics
2. Spot the Difference by LUUUX.com

Our MAC products are shelfpulls direct from the factory and are authentic. We hope these tips have helped you to avoid getting scammed in future (: !

(All photos in this post were taken by us unless otherwise stated)

Mini loot post~

Public Thirty DSLR Camera straps in Burgundy and Evergreen :D !! They're currently on sale, $15.90 excluding shipping okay?! WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT, YOU SAY? I ALSO FUCKING SAY LOL !

Get them here via iMKstore!

And cable-thingies! lol crap I can't remember what they're called. Cable ties? Cable wrap? Cabble Winder? Aiya you know can liao la - these are quite unique right? Haven't really seen them around, but they look cute so -shrugs- might as well! They come in a set of two colours each, get them HERE at $13.90 for a pair excluding shipping! Bought these in peach/orange and lime/blue, will review them when they arrive :D !

Okay that is all, here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day lol night ya'll ~

Monday, November 28, 2011


Random-as-hell bottle of mirin I bought from Daiso yesterday lol. I wanna try making jap pasta :D !

New ! Essie Luxeffects Shine With The Times ! It's a freakin' ~flakie~ sold out completely at the flea lol shiok bo! Kinda reminds me of the Nubar 2010 though, but it's quite pretty !

Paired with OPI's Jade Is The New Black from the Hong Kong collection ~

Chio flakie effect is chio~

Okay in a fucking bad mood right now. My wisdom tooth exploded or something and is erupting from within the deep recesses of my gum and is seriously me pissing the fuck off. My tooth looks like it's wearing a fucking beanie made of my GUM. FUCKING SWOLLEN PIECE OF SHIT I FEEL LIKE RIPPING MY JAW OUT ROARRRRRRRRRRR !!!! -_-


So earlier this morning, I woke up to this magical question on formspring :

Srsly you guys? Went to check out her blog and there's this whole video and blogpost on how Smoochiezz M.A.C is fake. It is NOT fake. The stocks that are brought in are just generally older, which is why we can offer it to you guys at such a cheap price. And when I say older, I mean starting from 2008 and up. It's normal for companies to change the packaging from time to time and over the course of 3 years, you REALLY think that a big company like MAC won't update their packaging?

For example, this is one blogger's comparison of MAC's Eyeshadow packaging over 3 years (2008 - 2010) :


"All purchased directly from MAC or CCO. Left to Right with the year they
were released: Smoke & Diamonds (2008), Henna (2009), Prepped for Glamour (2010)">

The MAC we purchase is simply older, and therefore the packaging should obviously vary.

If you're still not convinced..

Recent packaging:


Older packaging :


Please also note that this whole 'embossed' feature is only found in the later, more recent batches. We also carry other MAC products with this embossed feature, like so:

This is from the MAC Studio Tech Range, which is more recent product and batch, so therefore the packaging is for our MAC is more updated.

Here's a picture of the inside of the Studio Fix packaging from an online source :


and here's a photograph of an authentic Mac Studio Fix purchased from Robinsons recently :

You'll also notice that the insides of MAC Packaging will differ from which different batch.

Please be assured that our MAC products at authentic, just that they are just slightly older. By the way, if you're worried that 'old' products will damage your skin, MAC counters all over Singapore are also selling products that have been manufactured in previous years, like so :

The most important question here would be if the MAC products are harmful to your skin. Everyone's skin is different, and you will react differently to different products. We'd like to refer you to these forums discussing reactions to MAC products :

1. Is MAC Makeup bad for your skin
2. Does Mac make you break out

"if your skin is breaking out, this does not mean you are allergic to the product. an allergic reaction is quite different than pimples. if you experience irritation, redness, burning or itching these may be signs of an allergic reaction."

3. Allergic reactions to MAC

Friday, November 25, 2011


Wah how unique is this version of 'You are my sunshine'? MAD LOVE !! Enjoy and have a good friday ya'll !


Wah how unique is this version of 'You are my sunshine'? MAD LOVE !! Enjoy and have a good friday ya'll !

I only miss you when I'm breathing

In the times where I need you most, I know I can't count on you because you can't / don't / won't understand a thing I say, but instead choose to tell me the fault is mine. Just cause' you don't understand it doesn't mean you're right - that kind of thinking is exactly why I can't be in this for the long haul. The mature think and calculate, the childish baulk and run. You're cute, I'll give you that, but I'm getting tired of always having to explain everything. I want to be myself instead of holding back so as not to trigger your anger. I'm tired / I want more than this / I'm so very tired. How sad is it that the things we want most usually fall short of our expectations?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Selling Post !

1. Twitter Ring ($6) - Adjustable
2. Ornate Blue Ring ($9) - Adjustable

3.ASOS Ornate Cage Ring - Small, fits F21 Ring size 6 or S


SUPRISE! Found some gachapon rings lying around ;P

4. Stitch Head Ring ($8) - Adjustable
5. Nurse Stitch Ring ($8) - Adjustable

Or both for $15 mailed !

6.Love doublering ($9) - Fits F21 ring size 8, or larger hands. Sits comfortably and doesn't constrict your fingers like a snake lol. Good fit for Ring size L or US8

7. Anchor Triple Ring ($15) - adjustable, and mother chio, not even kidding @_@

8. Nautical Ring in Silver ($8) - Fits US 8 or F21 Large ! Comfy ring :D

9. ASOS Horse Play Double Ring ($15) - Tagged L, fits US8 or F21 Large and is very chio lol

10. Nautical Ring in Dirty Gold ($8) - US 7 or F21 M/L !

11. Tiger Ring ($25) - fucking chio but a bit too small for me. Fits F21 S/M or Ring size 7 best!

12. Casio Watch Ring ($18) - Also chio, but I rarely wear it so T_T - Fits F21 M/L or Ring size 7/8 nicely


14. Gold Skull Ring ($18) - Fits Large or F21 8 best ! Niceeeeeeeee I have it in Silver muahahahhaha

15. Spider Ring ($16) - Fits Medium or F21 6/7 best !

16. F21 Silver Thin Cross Ring ($9) - Fits US8 or Large

17. Large Anchor Ring ($8) - Adjustable

18. Manta Ray Ring ($8) - Small la but it's plastic so malleable so can fit up to a Large but fits US 6/7 or S/M best!

20. ASOS Swallow Hair Comb ($10)

21. Urban Outfitters Mint Green Indie Shades ($12)

22. Urban Outfitters Cateyes ($15)

23. F21 Mr Lover Lover Necklace ($10) - Super long can wrap around your neck 4 times with room to hang yourself from the ceiling LMAO

24. F21 Chocker Plate Necklace ($15) chioooooo

25. H&M Nautical Stud Set ($10)

Hmkay as always, sms to 96716946, no meetups unless in Tampines or self collect at Smoochiezz Showroom okay, I really have no time! REG MAIL RECOMMENDED AS ALWAYSSSSSSSS, prices not inclusive of postage unless otherwise stated.

+$1 for Normal Mail // + $3 for Reg mail k?


AND YES I HAVE MANY ACCESSORIES OKAY PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME lmao to be honest, this is like 1/5 of my stash HAHAHAHAHAHA okay I am disgusting T_T
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