Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just a random update.

1.The flea was bloody awesome, thanks so much for the support T_T ! I sold SO freakin' many I was pretty blindsided, to be honest.

2. No CNY pics this year because:
a) I was busy gambling
b) I couldn't be bothered because I was busy gambling
c) See points a) and b)

I won a shitload of money leh wtf ! Super happy, this year's been pretty damned good so far. Everything been going pretty smoothly; no major hiccups except for the big pile of shit that I've managed to swim my way out of (you may thank me for that mental image later lol).

Also, also also also, I want to clarify something.

If you see a blind man stumbling, and in the general direction he's walking towards there's

1) An escalator
2) a flight of stairs

Which would you direct him to? I was like :

then panicked and guided him towards the STAIRS. In my mind, I was like OKAY ESCALATOR'S GOING TOO FAST FOR HIM, HE'LL FALL AND BREAK HIS NECK AND KARMA WILL COME AND RAPE MY ASS, so the stairs it is !

But everyone keeps saying i was being horrible by guiding him to the stairs! They're all like :

and now i'm like feeling damn bad?! Was I wrong??? AM I THE RETARDED FOR GUIDING HIM TO THE STAIRS?? Someone with experience in this please speak up can ?? Now I'm like plagued by guilt to the max lor like wtf did I just make a blind man's person EVEN MORE MISERABLE?! Damn upset @_@ !! Only 30 mins after that did I strike me that I SHOULD HAVE GUIDED HIM TO THE FUCKING LIFT?!?!?! like FUCKING FUCK WHY DID I NOT GUIDE HIM TO THE LIFT ?! *STABS SELF* oh my god I"m like a full grown retard leh srsly someone save me or donate a brain or something jeeezzzzzzzzzzz

Okay that is all, brb going to go curl up in fetal position in a corner and proceed to flog myself to atone for my sins or some shit lmao KTHXBAI

Friday, January 27, 2012

Overbearingly barren.

Super sorry for the long break but I've been so fucking swarmed I can barely breathe @_@. I'm still prepping for the flea tomorrow, bringing a shitload of vintage rings (sneak preview tonight) and a fuck lot of watches. These are about 60% of the designs I have, haven't had enough time to take pictures properly zzzzzz. Only 3 pieces each for the newer designs, fair warning okay so hurry on and chiong down at Scape tomorrow ! At the flea, the watches will be $15 for the smaller faced ones and $20 for the bigger ones. After the flea they'll be $23 and $26 respectively, so don't miss out !

See ya'll tomorrow at 2pm at Scape basement :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a little something to perk you up

Came across this video on youtube - super cute la please? I love randomly stumbling across lovely animations like these; they really perk my day up! Hope this little vid will make you smile too :D !


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Even the stars they burn + LONG ASS POST

It was my sister's birthday so on Tuesday, we brought her to Valentino ! This quaint little loaf looks like nothing much but GOD DAMN it's one of the best tasting forms of carbohydrates I've EVER HAD. I could not fucking stop eating this! And it was free flow to boot T_T . It came with a little pot of pesto for your dipping pleasure / ecstasy / potential foodgasm . My soul went to heaven and I haven't seen it since. Srsly too freakin' good. Crisp on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside. I IZ DEAD I REALLY AM

One of our three starters, insalata caprese. A giant ball of Buffalo Mozzarella with juicy cherry tomatoes etc.

Looks pretty simple, right? But omggggg soooo good! Super shiok la the cheese?! Creamy and not too bland but doesn't make you jelat at all.

And look ! The waiter saw I was taking photos and nicely turned it to a good angle for me, just so I could get a proper shot of him slicing the cheese. DID I MENTION THAT SERVICE WAS IMPECCABLE? Everyone was nice and all smiles and THERE IS FREE VALET PARKING OKAY HOW DID I NOT COME HERE EARLIER !? Okay done being hysterical. So ANYWAY, look at this creamy gift from heaven !!! /DEAD

One huge chunk just for me T_T !

Second starter, Carpaccio de manzo, which is really raw sliced beef dressed with olive oil, lemon juice then further topped with shaved cheese. My first time having this, not quite used to it but it was interesting though!

Third starter - prosciutto melone. The melons were so juicy T_T !!!

One more picture of bread just cause' it's THAT good LMAO. Now you see it ..


Present for my sister from Gerald & Wijaya. This is the true colour of the table cloths - a dainty pink lmao. Which is one of the reasons why they chose this place; my sister is a bimbo and loves pink to death lmao.

My seafood risotto. YUMMEH!!! And filling too srsly I LOVE THIS PLACE i wanna become a hobo and camp outside just so they'll pay me in bread to leave them alone HAHAHAHA

My sister's crabmeat squid ink linguine. They made the pasta with squid ink, so only the black parts are the noodles. The orange blanket of yumminess is a gorgeously creamy sauce, so guess what the white parts are? THEY ARE HUGE CHUNKS OF CRAB MEAT!!! Not even like crab stick nonsense it's like HUGE CHUNKS OF CRAB MEAT! The kind you force your boyfriend to pluck out from crab claws for you! HUGE CHUNKS LEH. And yes, CHUNKS AS IN PLURAL AS IN MANY CHUNKS T_T ! Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhh soooo delicious T_T ! She wanted to opt for the LOBSTER pasta but it was sold out. If the crab was this good, can't imagine the lobster man srsly /dead

The light in there wasn't very condusive for photo taking, so I downloaded this torchlight app and shone the flash at the food, and took these photos. So much clearer. Why did I think of this earlier?? So many opportunities to use the flash and make the photos look better tsk.

Hands down the my favourite dish that night. Besides the bread la LOL

Gerald's mushroom risotto. Also good, but lighter than my seafood risotto. Mine packed a powerful punch of flavour yumeh T_T !

Stuffed ravioli ! Mushrooms were damn nice too T_T

I was just saying since this was an italian restaurant, I was really hoping they'd break out in an opera version of a birthday song for my sister lmao and BOOM THEY ALL STARTED SINGING LMAO BEST! Food's really really good man, you gotta check this place out! Maybe for an anniversary or something. Remember to make your bookings in advance, apparently you have to call at least 3 days ahead to get a reservation. We got a little lost on the drive in and called them. The conversation went like this.

"Hi ! Is this Valentino? We're lost, can you guide us there?"

"Do you have a reservation?"

"Yes, at 8.30pm, we're at XX avenue, can you tell us how to get there?"

"What name is your reservation under?"


"*gives directions*"

LOL BASKET IT'S LIKE even if you're freaking DYING like "OMG HELP ME I'M DYING SOMEWHERE NEARBY, CAN I TAKE SHELTER AT YOUR RESTAURANT", i bet you they'd still be like "Do you have a reservation?". LMAO BASKET SRSLY I think if we didn't have a reservation they'd be like "LOL DON'T BOTHER WE'RE FULL GO HOME LA" -_____- . But don't be mistaken, they weren't rude or anything, just adamant that you had to have a reservation to bother coming I think. Like I said, service was really good, everyone was nice and friendly. Plus I got to see my sister embarrassed when all the service staff broke into song. Shiok pls ^^ !

Happy b'day vone!! Hope you had a good one kekekekeke ^^

Went to Chinatown at midnight and I gotta say the atmosphere is really festive! People seem so happy to just be in the crowd, jostling around and getting sweaty and just looking at things.

Does anyone know what these are called? They're so pretty!! I bought 4 colours and hung one on my camera, I might turn this into an earring rofl so cute and the colours are really ultra chio!

People were hoarding these like a famine was about to hit can? Wassup with that!

Sirname chopsticks!

What are these fruits called? I was like OMG IT'S SHAPED LIKE A GOURD !! HOW DID THEY DO IT?! And daniel was just like it's their natural shape lor you noob. I'm not that in touch with my chinese roots, to be honest. I don't know how these things work and what to eat during the new year and what's customary and what's not. Is there like some noob-guide-to-CNY or something?? Cause' I really need one lmao

THIS IS THE FREAKIN' BOMB! Grilled squid skewers - they smelt fucking amazing!

Piping hot off the grill! Super tender T_T

LOL this is his foodgasm face rofl

So that was my first Chinatown-near-festive-season experience! Drop on by if you haven't, it's really pretty much a cultural explosion. Good times.

On a side note, I just collected a new batch of watches with a fuck lot of new designs! PLUS, I listened to your feedback and have brought in the bigger versions of the watches. They are BEYOND gorgeous okay srsly mad love! Pictures as soon as I can manage it! Hope you enjoyed this motherlong post lmao HAPPY CNY YA'LL !!!!
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