Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm too old for this shit.

I'm so fucking pissed. I know I haven't been blogging, but that's only because I CAN'T. So much shit I want to tell ya'll, all about the HOARDS of stupid people i've been bombarded with and the shitload of crazy clients that have been bugging the fuck out of me but I can't I can't I fucking can't. 23 fucking years old already, I have to consider the consequences of shooting my mouth off now. Seriously considering moving back to livejournal and locking it with friends-only mode.

So fucking angry today, too many stupid people roaming the earth and too many laws that protect them from being killed by raging victims-of-stupidity like myself. So tragic.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I find your stupidity incredibly offensive.

China Glaze Magnetix series. Damn interesting concept, the polish contains metal particles and when you hold the magnet over it, a pattern forms, read about them (here)

Korean Rice Cakes @ Commonwealth

Manhattan Fish Market, the fried oysters were the FUCKING BOMB! DAMN NICE /DEAD

Mud pie was pretty damned good too!


Just chilling after Apple Strudel, much to Daniel's dismay lol. He was craving 记得吃 but the queue was insane so we had to settle for strudel. Well, they settled for strudel la. Not a fan leh. I love pastry, but hate fruits in them. Ugh.

Tried our luck again at 10pm+ and heng lao sai managed to get a table :D ! Everyone was raving about this mango thingy but I found it to be ~meh~ worthy only lol.

Weirdest cousins I've ever met. They seem to have this non-love/hate/insult each other non-stop relationship going on rofl

Can't remember the name of the jelly thing, but blearghhhhhhhhhhhhh! My toad loved it though, he's, well, nuts about chestnuts kekeke #punny

My dessert WAS THE FREAKIN BOMB OKAY?! Not usually a fan of chinese-style desserts, but I'd only seen this double-boiled milk thingy once back in Hong Kong, so i wanted to try it again. Went for Double boiled milk with durian and ADDED durian, thus the giant scoop of durian flesh. SHIOK OR SHIOK omg how fucking decadent la?? As usual, I was allowed TWO bloody shots before those vultures ATTACKED it, so I was just snapping away as they raped my bowl T_T. The white layer kinda had a custard-like consistency, which was probably why I liked it. So these jokers whacked most of my durian flesh-ball, so I was just nomming on the milk custard part. Sliced my spoon through the middle and DURIAN PASTE SEEPED OUT THE CRACK OKAY!? 1000X BETTER THAN THE DURIAN FLESH OMG ULTRA SHIOK !!! DEAD DEAD I IZ DEAD LOL. Stirred the hell out of it so it basically became durian egg custard. IT WAS THE BOMB. I WANT TO GO BACK THERE AGAIN T_T ! Super yummy kekekekekeke do give it a try if you happen to pass by !

Ji De Chi 记得吃 (Liang Seah Street)
8 Liang Seah Street, #01-03 Singapore 189029
(It's basically accross the road from Bugis Swensons)

Hope ya'll had a good weekend (: Night ya'll !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Once more into the fray;


Friends, family, girlfriend and squadmates.

Budget Ramen, heard it wasn't bad!

Topped the evening off with super nommy zhi char. Good times.

Shaun POP-ed yesterday and we, well, crashed his parade (lol). Late as hell and thusly missed the march-in in which Shaun led his contingent into the square. Oops. But we got to see him throw his cap in the air, so that kinda sorta made up for it, i think?

ANYWAY, MAIN POINT, HE POP-ED. AND WAH LAO POLICE GOT A LOT OF CUTE GUYS CAN?!?!?!?! Okay that is all, my eyes almost exploded from the sheer amount of eye candy rofl. Caught 'The Grey' to wind down the super-high evening, and now I am ultra tired. Went to work 2 hours early just so I could leave earlier to go to the ceremony, which equates to waking up at 6am. But then again tt's pretty rare that we got to hang out on a weekday, especially with all of us working/in the army so I guess it was well worth the panda eyes. Good times (:

Okay gtg back and fall into a coma or something KTHXBAI

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If you ever leave me baby..

WOOOOOOO CHIO OR WHAT!! ASOS Laptop Case kekekeke damn striking! On a side note, one of my ASOS parcels is 2 weeks late ):<<<<<<<<<

I like to keep my issues drawn; it's always darkest before the dawn.

My life in instagram pictures :

LOL xtine srsly


Siglap mee pok with my toad. Damn freakin' nice?!

Sorry for the absence but I've been crazy busy. Finished up 3 websites within the last week, one is to remain a secret for now until it is released, but check out :

Shopponyonhighstreet run by Donna !


The Candle Boutique's new website !

Currently finishing up another two then I might be taking a short break. Feeling pretty damned burnt out from non-stop freelancing.

More pictures tomorrow, new stocks just came in and I'll be picspamming like nobodies business lol. On a side note, Smoochiezz will be having a new location somewhere in town kekeke stay tuned !
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