Monday, April 30, 2012

Who's your favourite blogger now?

Flash this on your phone or quote 'Suntec Polish Promo' and be entitled for this offer! Only at Smoochiezz Suntec Event Ya'll !

Please lor hands down it's me lor right right right?? HAHAHAHA

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Foodspam + Selling post sneak peek !

Buttons are ultra cute la ! They look and feel like metal :D !!

Asymmetrical Tunic from !

They've recently revamped their site, do drop by and browse through their apparel, they're all pretty cute !!

Really wanted to get this tiger tank from their site :

But unfortunately, it's sold out ASOIDJAOISJDASOIDJ!!! If you have time, go pester them leh then I'll go pester them too then hopefully they'll open a backorder MUAHAHAHAHA ! They do mass meetups some more lor +10 points !

Boyfriend took me to eat Teppanyaki again ^^

Salad. They've never actually given this before lol I think perhaps cause' it was Saturday and it was busy, so they're trying to preoccupy you from the wait I guess.

The couple beside us ordered the Lobster set. It costs about $70++ if i'm not wrong! They lobsters are freaking fresh please ! How would I know this if i didn't eat it? Well, cause .. the lobsters were 90% alive when they went on the grill @_@ ! I don't know if i should feel ultra horrible or feel ultra hungry lmao. I did feel pretty bad when I saw them twitch but still wtf it's lobster leh! /torn

Someone's beef omelette thingy and the frying of our, well, fried rice rofl! Looks bloody awesome imma try that beef thingy next !!

Garlic Rice :D !

Oyster !

In some sorta creamy cheese sauce FREAKIN' NICE PLEASE

This bamboo clam thingy is really the best shit ever okay I cannot even explain T_T! DAMN NICE LAAAAAAAAAAAAA FAVE THING TO EAT THERE (besides the beef & foie gras) I SHIT YOU NOT!

This tiny piece of Foie Gras is so delicately amazing omgosh T_T ! Plus the BEEF on it's right?!! DAMN DELICIOUS OKAY although not as super-soft and pillowy as the last 2 times cause we got a different chef (HIS TABLE WAS FULL T_T), so if you're dropping by Sakae Teppanyaki at Century Square, do try to get seated at table where chef Dennis is working k ! Plus i think he's one of the more experienced chefs so his knife ~skeelz~ very ninja also damn shiok to watch lol!

Then back home to nua ^_^ !

Also, selling post to be up within the next few days when I can finally catch my breath :

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bread is the meaning of life rofl

Both of these shots were taken by David. FINALLY met up with these 2 jokers rofl it's been damn long la ! I think the last time I met them was literally months ago lol.

Went to Bakerzinn to spam carbs, obviously lol.

Beef stew pasta is the bomb srsly.

Bacon & Ham Aglio Olio is also damn nice!

Not forgetting their desserts @_@, of course.

Oh and here's a little teaser of what's gonna be in the upcoming selling post

ASOS Raglan

Studded Jumper lol

Cotton on tribal print skirt, polkadotted tunic

Miss Selfridge BNWT Blazer (Tagged $113)

Aiya basically a shitload of shit la srsly. I'm only 1/4 through taking photos and I am like fucking exhausted srsly tsk roarrrrfoiajsdoiajfaosij
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