Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm too old for this shit.

May I be frank? I'm fucking tired. Tired of the drama, of your constant ragging on me, your constant childishness.

You're over half a century old. Grow the fuck up la. Fucking tired of having to clean up your messes, having to endure your fucking childish bullshit. Are you seriously fucking ignoring me again? Do you know who does that? 10 year olds, that's who.

The list of things I hate is really long, but two things that are on top of the list are shitheads who tell me me what to do, and people ignoring me when I speak to them. And you spectacularly manage to do both at the same time. I greet you like any filial child would, and you act like I don't exist. It makes me want to break something over your fucking head. And then you try to tell me what to do. Excellent. I'm 23. An adult. I don't need you to tell me how to fucking live my life. I don't need you to tell me that my lifestyle is "shitty" just cause I stay out late. I don't drink or take drugs or have tattoos nor am I in a gang or juvie. Which part of my lifestyle is so fucking shitty, please fucking explain. You then add insult to injury and bitch to my brother that I am useless.

How fucking insulting. Useless? Really? How much am I earning? How much am I giving to the family every fucking month? I earn more in a month than you earn in probably 3 fucking months and you DARE to fucking call me useless? If i really am, then why don't you take over the monthly payments then? Since you're so wonderfully competent right? Why don't you ask all of them to start taking money from you instead of taking money from me? Can you afford it? Obviously not, so why not just do us all a favour and shut the fuck up?

Best of all, you just keep insisting that all you want is for me to get a degree and you'll get off my back. First of all, a degree is fucking useless to me in my line of work. And second of all, how fucking much am I earning already nb how many times more than a degree holder? Thirdly, just who the fuck are you trying to kid? You always need a target to verbally thrash, and the target has been me for several months; close to a year, almost. I am so very fucking sick and so very fucking tired of your crap. If I didn't think everyone else would suffer the consequences, I'd throw basic respect out the window and just fucking go claws out at it with you but I was brought up right (by my sister, not you so don't fucking flatter yourself) so I'm trying my best to keep a hold on my fucking temper. What I really want to do is throw a chair at your fucking face. What kind of shitty figure are you? Are you someone I can look up to? Someone who supports the family? The head of the house? No, no, and hell to the motherfucking no. You're the epitome of parenting failure 101. Congratulations. You should get a prize.

You said you wanted to leave and never come back right? Just go. Whether you're here or not, it makes no difference to me. You make me miserable and apparently the sight of me disgusts you so why don't you just leave? If you don't, I probably will as soon as I fucking can.

Frankly, the only thing we have in common is our surname and the fact that we find so much failure in each other. Oh and perhaps mutual disgust.

I'm so very fucking tired of this shit.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Food Expo (May 2012) !

Popped by the food expo on Friday for some noms while at work but I didn't get to explore the full thing so I went back again on Saturday. Glutton is I, i know lol.

Deep fried mantous in chilli crab sauce!! 5 pieces for $2 or some shit. Eat them fast (else they'll get soggy from the sauce) and maybe if you can, wait around to see that they've just fried a fresh batch before going in for the kill lmao. This wasn't bad, worth the money :D ! LOL sorry the mantous are at the bottom of the cup lol #lousyphoto

Yakitori Skewers! 1 for $1 or 3 for $2.50. GET THE CHICKEN ONES omg Freaking nice!

Fish luncheon meat burger! Some sorta new luncheon meat made out of fish. Tasted like a weirdly dense fishcake. Pass on this -_-

Some cheenapok stall selling dunno what cause I can't read the chinese words HAHAHA. I assume it's vegetarian la some sorta flour-based thingies.

Looks like this when cooked!

Also sold these ear-like thingies rofl. Daniel tried a cooked one and said it tasted like vegetarian abalone. REALLY MEH -_- ? Skeptical is i rofl

Another stall selling some sorta vegetable.

Auntie promotors kekeke! The one on the left was demonstrating the usage of a vegetable peeler. The peeler must be damn tok kong cause it was so thin she didn't feel a slice on her face! ROFL I AM HORRIBLE

Some bakeshop making eggtarts!

And dunno what pie thingies

CLAYPOT RICE!!!! $3.50 for a pot and .. they give you the pot. FOR FREE.

WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT ?!?! Free claypot leh ! Rofl my mom was so happy rofl.

Mediocre only though, but still worth it la (cause got free claypot HAHAHAHAHA #auntie)

There was hardly ANY seats available, so we went into this small blocked off section called the 'beer garden' which was practically EMPTY. Had tables and chairs and aircon AND was away from the crowds, how shiok pls?! Jamie bought a beer so we wouldn't seem like assholes for anyhow using their tables rofl. Just go and sit there man else you'll have a pissy time trying to find a place to eat!

Some sorta coconut cake thingy?

Peking duck crepes. PASS on this pffffft

Raw sugar cane. Surprisingly, only one stall was selling sugarcane. The wait's pretty long cause she has to destroy like 4 sticks to get you one cup of juice nb but super refreshing, worth the wait I find.

ZHI BAO JI !!!!!!!!! Which literally means paper-wrapped chicken la. I totally love it in general, but this one .. was meh T_T. LOL sorry the chicken looked pretty dismal thus the photo of it's relatively prettier .. box. LMAO

Durian pancake! Pancake was hot and crisp, durian was cold and lush. FIVE STARS!

And my favourite stall of the day !!! Shrimp and squid skewers omg SUPER NICE!!!

The prawns were like damn big is 'Q' and bouncy and just BUY ONE STICK OR FIVE LA SRSLY ROFL

Grilled on the spot lor pls. Good shit!

If you want it "spicy", they'll slather sambal all over it. The sambal sucks, but the squid is just too tender already lor still fucking nice!!

Nom nom nom ^^

Shrimps were pretty big too, $3 per skewer, cheaper if you buy more I can't quite recall the price cause i was just like

so i didn't really give a shit how much it cost HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

THIS IS FOR YOU SHAUN! I HOPE YOU REGRET NOT JOINING US!!!!! And you know why?? Because ..

"How big??"

"THIS BIG!!!!!!!!!!"


Okay random camwhoring with my boyfriend who looks cute here and me looking .. slightly cock-eyed rofl.

and two instagram pics from the food expo the day before lol.

Oh yeah there was a capsule sale going on in the John Little Sale hall, one GIANT bag for you to fill with capsule toys for just $10 lol. Daniel and I went mad rofl, pics of the toys next time perhaps!

Oh yeah before i forget, here's a map I made lol :

This is like from memory so it may or may not be correct okay HAHAHAHA!

Gonna start invoicing people for the watches again around 5pm later this evening, hope ya'll enjoyed this post ttys !!

Friday, May 25, 2012


The current liquid eyeliner I've been using - NYX Boudoir Collection Liquid Black Liner. Damn shiok to use and barely smudges!

Muji jewelry box my friends bought me for my bday :D !

Drawer below houses mostly earrings, keys, pin badges and broken parts lol.

Assortment of batches I bought from fleas. The leftmost one is a pixelated knight! So cute T_T

A pair of my favourite rings from UO

A shitload of rings from everywhere

~Shu nu~ necklaces lol

I think I have weird taste lol. My accessories are usually quirky like animal heads or rope neckalces or retarded things lmao

I stab my earstuds through a large cork board I bought from daiso ($2 nia!) ! Damn useful keke ! 

Earring collection is kinda sparse, which is an obvious sign I should work on expanding it, y/n ;P ? Food expo tomorrow (again lol), bringing my camera this time so I can't fucking wait ^-^ !

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