Thursday, August 30, 2012

Out of this world.

I opened my mailbox a few days ago and found an awesome package from Pixie Lush, whose livejournal site I revamped (: ! They'd sent me THREE freakin' gorgeous iphone covers! THREE LEH! So nice omg T_T ! When I opened the package, I was totally like :

HOW CHIO PLEASE? They found out that i'm mad about anchors and generously sent me two anchor-printed covers! Adorable as hell but what really got me excited was the GALAXY print cover! CHIO OR WHAT ?!!?!??! And I just swapped phones to S3 like 2 weeks ago shitballs maximummmmm I really want to change back to iphone 4 and when I do, I'll definitely be using their covers. Really good quality, and if you're worried about coverage, the covers have clear sides that protect as well! It can fit the iphone 4, but I think they're made for the iphone 4s though. They still fit pretty snugly though, don't worry! For girls with OCD, the inside of the cover comes with that plastic layer that you can peel off if you're worried about scratches on the inside (: !

Pixie Lush also carries other awesome covers and Pony / DARTH VADAR / STORM TROOPER iphone caps ! I ordered this spine case from them lol I couldn't resist :

Damn tempted by the storm trooper dust cap also leh. Should I order it? $4 each or $7 for two only leh @_@ !

Check them out and like their facebook page here :

Quote "APJxPIXIELUSH" and get a dollar off each item you order ! That's a pretty generous offer - if you buy 5 items that's $5 off @_@ !! Promo code is valid til the end of September (30th) (: !

On a side note, got these lovely two-toned flats from Love Schues (whose facebook page I revamped) ! I always seem to buy stuff from my customers ROFL fuck it's a trap! These are comfy and chic TTM please! They're my first pair of pointy-toed shoes, to be honest. Trying to work this into my wardrobe, will see what I can come up with :D ! Check them out here :

PLEASE CLICK AND Go SEE THEIR CHIO FACEBOOK PAGE THAT I REVAMPED PLEASE HAHAHA! Am revamping their site as well, the designs are fabulous and quite honestly some of my best work :D ! Once it's up, will link ya'll to the new site :D

Bought this Blanc Top from Carbonine, also another customer of mine! It's freaking chio please, it has a slit in the front and a larger slit at the back and is the perfect length for me (: ! Check out their lovely shop : (HERE) because I made it therefore it's a very chio site (ROFL) and like their facebook page here :

They sell super cutting-edge stuff - all black and white and on-trend! I have the best customers :') !

Finally went to collect my Urban Outfitters package at Payar Lebar today. Look how bloody gorgeous the UO Ecote Huarache Skimmers are!?! The strange thing is, I bought the brown pair in size 7.5 and the black pair in size 8 BUT THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME SIZE?! They are tagged differently, of course, but they fit the same! UO shoes are strange that way, it's always a game of heng/suay when you buy their shoes lol.

Okay that is all, trying to get my lazy ass out of the house. Am ~supposed~ to run to Pasir Ris with my sister and back. Hope I don't collapse and die of respiratory failure halfway HAHAHAHAHA fuck I haven't ran in YEARS I think my lungs might just explode ROFL okay that is all TTYS :D !

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Loot post!

WOOHOO I'm damn excited! My UO loot (from THIS POST) is stranded somewhere in Payar Lebar cause apparently my unit is apparently an invisable door that's too difficult to find (TSK HONESTLY?!). Going to collect it tomorrow ! Oh and some ASOS/UO loot i bought some time ago but forgot to post lol :

Spitfire Clubmaster Sunglasses with Clear Lens

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Crop Top With Cut Out Detail

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mini Dress In Aztec Print

ASOS Summer Dress With Sweetheart Neck

UO Dunbar Sunglasses

Cooperative Glow In The Dark Summer Sundress in Taupe - ok i know the colours' abit weird, but FUCKKK i got the orange one and the cut is fab + the glow in the dark shit ROCKS! LOL might try to dye this or something rofl

Okay that is all, bf coming to pick me I GTG BYE!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sometimes, all I really want to say to people is

Monday, August 27, 2012

Come hell or high water.

Met up with David today to try Overdoughs but it was closed *insert facepalm here*. Went to Torte instead cause it's the only nearby place I know of that consistently serves good food. Roast Chicken (crisp skin + tender meat and the baby potatoes were fab!) for me, Beef Goulash for him. And an ice cream slathered torte to round it all off. Good times. Collected my UO stuff from him and I feel like i just HAVE to mention that I bought a giant donut-shaped float for reasons I can't quite justify HAHAHA. I can't fucking wait to blow it up LOL ! Okay that is all, back to freelance T_T ttys !

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