Friday, September 28, 2012

Right now I just wish you were here

All shots above were taken at the Shooting Ponies Studio using Donna's Canon DSLR. Trying to manually maneuver the Canon interface almost gave me a legit headache until Donna showed me you could make the settings pop up on the screen and edit them from there. Now I find that the interface is less confusing, and I really LOVE the crisp sound of the shutter when you snap away. I ~might~ try out a Canon soon when I have extra money. The colours are really nice, but colours are editable in photoshop anyway.

My sister's G12! The pictures it takes are surprisingly clear for a non-DSLR D: ! I have to admit, I was impressed by the quality. Now I can kope her camera and bring it for concerts instead of having to bring my bulky DSLR ^^ ! SCORE!

Meeting 6 buyers today and self-imposing a deadline for 2 projects. Hope I can finish them by tonight then I can at least get to enjoy myself for the weekend. A little, anyway.

On one last side note - holyshittttt this is such a lovely watch!!!! So excited about the next launch! There's going to be true vintage watches (like the above), restocks of the petite range, a shitload of Vintage Casios (trying to bring in the bigger mens' sizes) and remember those lovely gold watches from the Project Goldmember collection? I'm bringing in a few with new frames that allow for INTERCHANGABLE STRAPS. Meaning they can be worn with both chain AND leather straps. Excited MAX!! Stay tunedddd <3

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.

I have a love/hate relationship with Ke$ha. She's just so fucking trashy but her songs are catchy to the point of being ridiculous. When you first hear one, you'll automatically be dismissive like "oh it's just some shitty ke$ha" but after looping it once or twice (or fifty times), you'll never be able to get it out of your head. EVER.

It's 2am, I've just completed a blog layout and I really, really need to get some sleep but it seems like this god damned song has been tattooed on the inside of my brain or some shit - IT JUST WILL NOT QUIT LOL! I'm in desperate, desperate need of some shut-eye but my brain is like NO YOKO DON'T SLEEP LET'S LISTEN TO KE$HA TWENTY (THOUSAND) MORE FUCKING TIMES!

Fuck me, right?! Shall spread the pain around then HAHAHA ENJOY :


I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums / Oh what a shame that you came here with someone / So while you're here in my arms / Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying Times

Shooting Ponies Grand Opening x Flea on Sunday! Checked out Donna's ultra purple hair, chatted with DX (my girl crush since forever rofl), met Rachel in person LOL I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW HAHAHA!

And .. that's about all I can think of for now lol. It's 2.41am, I'm not about to wax lyrical about anything at all. Honestly, I'm damn tired. I have so much work to do and time is just tick tick ticking away. Today my day went something like :

10.15amMeet Buyer
12 noon Meet Buyer
1pm Meet Client at Raffles
3pm Meet Buyer
4.30pm Meet Sponsor
6pm Contract & Billing talk at Laselle
9.30pmMeet client on skype
11.30pmMeet client on skype

My brain is just a quivering mess right now.

I still have to do :

- a wireframe
- donna's blog
- dingxuan's blog
- petitefairies' facebook elements
- corporate client timeline
- mel's blog
- rachel's blog
- chevonne's blog
- fixingfaces' webstore
- print my namecards
- call a developer that's giving a client problems
- email a few bloggers that I've sponsored with the advert details
- Mail out parcels tomorrow
- Call jamie's contractor
- collect mailing envelopes from donna
- arrange online skype meeting with 2 new clients
- draft up new contracts
- chase for payment from clients
- try not to die.

I think I may be in over my head lol. I'm really damn tired la zz blogging to take a break from the freelance for awhile. I think after this week I'm not going to accept any more jobs for one week or something. If I don't take a step back to breathe I'm just going to implode from stress rofl okay that is all kthxbai deadline in 6 hours and 10 minutes wish me luck T_T

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shooting Ponies Grand Opening!

Donna's version on the left and .. mine on the right (HAHAHAHAHA DON'T KILL ME DONNA)!

Today, the Shooting Ponies Studio opens at 34 Haji Lane and Donna's throwing an opening party + flea event to celebrate it :D ! Do drop by k, I restocked a lot of the prettier petites and the previously sold out glow-in-the-dark faces! All Petites are going for $20 ONLY, so do drop by and grab them before it's too late! Will update this post with some pics in awhile, so do stay tuned! Will also be selling my preloved stuff (Topshop / F21 / ASOS / Bershka / Zara etc) for flea prices, so drop on by if you can !

All these will be available in limited pieces! See ya'll later :D !

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready to let go.

ASOS parcel arrived today! This was my favourite item in it - the Gogo Philip Triangle Pendent. It's pretty and pretty damned edgy. Rests about an inch below my collar bone; just the perfect length for showing off (HAHA) ! Love the unique clasp as well, it's the best $22 I've spent this month I think ;P

On a side note, FUCKING BLOGGER has permanently updated their interface! I hate it so fucking much leh I can't even aoisdfjaoisjdf ARGHHHH

Okay gtg, back to the quicksand that is freelance ttyl !

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Robertson KUAY LOL

15 Minutes
Block D, Laselle College of the Arts
1 McNally Street Singapore 187940
Tel: 6333 5915

Finally got to meet Chingy after so long! Ordered the Wasabi Prawn Pizza but they forgot about our order so we cancelled it as it was taking too long, thus no chio photos of pizza T_T. Beef stew was as yummy as the last time I had it! The Chicken Parmigiana that David had was pretty tasty too. Not a fan of the dense breading but the meat was really tender. Love the ambience of the place though. It's really an awesome place to chill and people-watch!

(Hover over the picture for the coloured version :D !)

Chingy gave us a mini tour and brought us to view some exhibited art work! The cute typography poster above was made by her, btw ;P ! Hover over the image to see the coloured version :D

You use the twigs provided to create words and tag them as #twigtype on instagram! Quite an interesting concept. We made the word '贱' hurhurhur!

(Sorry for the gifs, they're very big so please give it some time to load! I just thought adding moving images might give you a better idea of what I see through my lens from time to time ^^)

End result / our interpretation heh heh ;P ! Credit for this pic goes to David on instagram (@thelimitdoesnotexist)

Went sourcing after that and managed to get my hands on true vintage watches!!!! Wah super excited to show ya'll so I just randomly snapped a few pics hehehehe see see see :

If you look closely at this one, you can see that it has a very subtle patterned background. FUCKING CHIO IN REAL LIFE I ALMOST DIED FROM OVEREXPOSURE TO INTENSE AWESOMENESS PLEASE AOISJDAOISDJAOISDj

And this is my favourite, which I am TOTALLY FUCKING KEEPING. Okay la I'm not sure yet, I'm still deciding between this and the patterned one above. They are both so prettyyyy T_T ! Did I also mention that they're ALL fitted with leather straps? DEAD LOL

Oh and btw, Tiptopstyle is having a little promo now before their site revamp :

Click on the pic to be redirected :D

Okay that is all, more and more and more work to do oh my tiannnnn okay ttylll !

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In this life.

Project Goldmember : Launched on Nakedglory this evening. Going to start invoicing soon, so hurry up and snag a piece while they're still available !

I'm in a fucking fabulous mood. Brought my camera down to Funan IT Mall to get it repaired and it only cost me fifty bucks!!!!! Plus they only took one freakin hour to mend it D: !!!!

So happy I can't even aousdfhaosidf LOL feels like christmas came early hehehe! Tomorrow's going to be a good day, I can feel it in my bones.

Oh yeah and some random camwhoring after yellowcard :

- Shaun Yeo



Aiy okay time to go back to freelance, talk to you guys soon :D

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