Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I've had enough.

I love you but not quite enough to lose all my dignity and self worth just for you. You should be glad you're attached to someone with almost NO self esteem issues whatsoever. I don't feel ugly or fat, I don't whine incessantly about being inadequate or mope around pathetically about aforementioned issues. So I don't see why you can't love me for who I am. Why must you keep forcing me to conform to what society deems attractive?? I don't want to fucking lose weight la I'm fine with the way I am now stop fucking telling me I'm fucking fat you're MAKING me feel worthless la ccb.

Before you came along with your nasty superficiality, I was completely fine with myself. Back then when I was a uk12-14 I was STILL fine with the way I looked. I lost a lot of weight due to the no-carb diet but it made me unhappy not eating carbs so I started to eat a little. Naturally I gained a little weight. SO FUCKING WHAT? It doesn't make me fat what!? UK10 FUCKING FAT MEH? SIAO ONE LEH YOU WANT ME TO STARVE OR TURN BULIMIC / ANOREXIC OR SOME SHIT IZZIT ?? I DON'T WANT OR NEED OR EVEN FEEL THE NEED TO LOSE ANY MORE WEIGHT AND I WOULD THANK YOU KINDLY TO GET OFF MY FUCKING BACK ABOUT BEING THE THINNER VERSION OF MYSELF THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY THINK YOU DESERVE.

By 9pm today, all I had was a slice of cake and 3 glasses of milk. And still when I looked in the mirror I felt worthless and fat, all because you keep telling me that I'm fat. It makes me so fucking angry. I KNOW I'm not fat. I KNOW IT FOR A FACT. Yet for 48 hours after you spout your condescending crap about how I'm not skinny enough, I somehow feel that I am. I fucking hate it. I hate feeling this inadequacy. This is not who I fucking am. I am not the whiny bitch that yammers on and on about how shitty she feels just because of fuckers like you who have zero tact. Look what the fuck you're turning me into.

I fucking refuse, you hear me? ENOUGH. If you cannot see yourself dating someone who's not part of the stick-thin-asian stereotype, then just fucking leave. 20 years down the fucking road, I'm not going to be getting any thinner. So if you think I'm going to suffer through centuries of you yammering on about how I need to lose weight, then fuck you and fuck off. I don't need this shit from you or from anyone else, for that matter. I love you enough to let your opinion matter and I don't appreciate how you're using it against me. So cut it out or seriously just get the fuck out of my life.


Monday, October 29, 2012

I can't tell if this is killing me or making me stronger

Zara Skull Shirt with cute little gold Skull-shaped buttons and studded collar & cuffs, Made Plaited Friendship Bracelet and yet another Gogo Philip Triangle Pendent cause' I'd accidentally squished mine. Boyfriend told me to just bend it back which resulted in my snapping off one corner. Ace decision, obviously.

Ah okay watch out for the tonight's launch at 8pm !

See y'all on the other side!

There is no inspiration left in these bones

It's 3am / my brain can no longer function / i am worn so worn so worn to the bone

will reply all emails and invoice tomorrow with the launch of the new collection.

Til tmr xxxxxx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There is thunder in our hearts

The Casios are here and they are freakin' BAD ASS! I'm so tempted to keep like half LOL but I only have so much wrist space so cue the sad music. Also restored Eternity (the vintage watch with the Moon-shaped details) and another vintage gem. Not too sure when I'll be launching, but it'd better be soon cause my bank account balance is dipping dangerously low.

On a side note it's 11.27pm, my brain is wired on caffeine and Windows Down by Big Time Rush (on repeat, no less) , so here's to another night of no sleep and tight deadlines

lol i am retarded please don't judge me. Just dorking around before my brain collapses in on itself

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Allocated 2 hours of my time today to take selling post pictures. But barely 1/8 through I just got fucking frustrated whenever I looked at the giant pile because it's just such a huge amount of fucking clothes and I kept thinking FUCK THIS SHIT I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS I NEED TO DO MY FREELANCE and semi-panicking so fuck it I stopped halfway. Not even halfway la honestly ! Barely 1/4 through tops and there's still a pile of dresses. I guess I'll finish up when I've completed at least half my freenlance la I can't fucking do this right now tsk!!

Every fucking part of my brain is just occupied by freelance issues, fuck man I can't wait for bangkok in December. Really need a break ):<

But anyway left to right, row 1 then 2 then 3 :

1. Kitschen Knit Sweater in Rust + Black Huge Ass Clutch
2. Topshop Peplum in Green UK10 + Mock Croc Huge Ass Clutch
3. Brown Hugeass Clutch
4. Indiesin Gold Studded Collar Tank
5. F21 Floral Bustier Dress
6. Indiesin Silver Button-up Top
7. Newlook Equestrian Print Sheer Top in Maroon
8. Nastygal Half & Half Top
9. Zara Studded Shirt.

The Zara shirt is fucking nice pls ! The collar and cuffs are studded + the buttons are tiny little skulls! FUCKING NICE!

Aiya okay so those are the sneak peeks for now, will put up more once I've taken more pictures or when I'm a lot less cranky LOL.

Oh and this is the new Accessorize Bag from the last loot post! Super love itttt *swoons* ! Worn with Peplum Top & Panelled Knicker Shorts both from Topshop.

Fuckkk more work to do and tmr there are 40 parcels to be mailed gg balls good night ya'll !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Every song a hit, every hit a smack (LOL)

My new Apple Earpods! They're 10x comfier than the usual earbuds. I tried them out once and I was completely sold. Bought one for my bf as well cause' I'm an awesome girlfriend like that.

Some restocks and new arrivals up on Nakedglory! Oh and some true vintage ones:

And on one last side note, I'm thinking of holding a giveaway for Nakedglory since I haven't done one in quite some time. These are two of the watches I'm considering as prizes cause' they are fucking chio and they are fucking exclusive. Karma was sold out a long long time ago and this time it's been fitted with dark red vintage straps that are in DAMN good condition, and the other one has a custom watch face. CUSTOM. No repeats ever again for it. It's fitted with vintage orange-y brown straps. Mad. Chio.

Chio or what right??? Can't decide which to sell, which to giveaway and which to keep. I AM LIKE FUCKING GREEDY LOL

Sorry for the absence, btw. I've been so fucking caught up in freelance that I barely have time for myself. Sleep at 4am, wake up at 1pm, work work work work til the early morning, fall asleep, wake up and the cycle repeats itself. My body clock is so fucked.

Also, selling post VERY soon, I promise! My fucking cupboard is so fucking full that I was almost buried in fabric when I opened my closet door lol. Fucking messy and full. Plus if I sell everything, I can buy more stuff. Which is totally not the point. Kinda. Okay fingers crossed I can squeeze out some time for the selling post :x ! Back to freelance now ttyl !
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