Saturday, March 30, 2013


Collected these almost close to midnight last night, and they really are just gorgeous :') ! So sneaks before I leave the house, full sneaks up on our facebook page. Don't forget to join the 'like&share' contest to win your very own customized watch (: !

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Custom printed watches are coming to you on the 1st of April and no, that's not a joke. Can I just say that they turned out so much better than I dreamed them up to be? Seriously, I teared up a little the first time I saw the outcome; they were so gorgeous T_T.

We've just hit 2.4k likes! That's like likes over the span of what, a little over 2 weeks?? I'm so very grateful for everyone's support, so I've started up the 'Like & Share' contest once more on our facebook page. 3 lucky winners will get their very own custom watches! You can choose any image you'd like. The possibilities are endless and so is our gratitude for the amazing support you've given us :') !

Head over to our facebook page to like and share the album, and win your very own (and not to mention, completely customized if you so choose) printed watch from us (: !

P.S - We're also giving away free iphone wall papers for some of the designs hehe so do stay tuned <3 !

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lights will guide you home.

Finally found a little time for myself and went shopping alone. Honestly I quite like shopping solo; there's no need to wait around for other people to try on stuff. I especially enjoy it when I know specifically what I'm looking for. Ended up with that button down shirt in black from H&M ($17.90), the faux leather striped tank from Bershka ($59.90), and comfy oxfords from New Look ($63.90). I guess the only problem is when I shop alone a spend a bomb cause' there's usually no one to talk me out of buying stuff >_<

Met the boyfriend for lunch today at Din Tai Fung, his favourite. Here's an example of our highly intellectual conversations:

Me: You still wanna get tattoos?
J : Not sure. You leh?
Me: I guess? But probably somewhere small and not visibl-
J : Put at your armpit lor.

WTF K SRSLY THIS BOY IS ASKING TO GET PUNCHED, IS HE NOT?! Of course, he then proceeded to laugh his stupid butt off. Irritant -_-.

After lunch, asked him to help me take an outfit photo. This is what ensued:

There's more la but I can't post those cause' I'll be laughed off the internet -_-. I asked him for ONE photo, do you know what he did?! He just kept tapping the shutter button, I ended up with 30+ super unglam shots of me blinking and yelling at him lol this toad tsk.

This is the best I could get out of him la LOL. Tank from Bershka, Boots from ASOS, Structured Bag from New Look, boyfriend from hell lol.

See the photo on the right? I stuck my tongue out, and he thought it'd be funny to place his FACE on my tongue. His sweaty, (i can now testify to this) SALTY face. BRB throwing up / dying.

Hmkay now on to something completely unrelated to heaving. I'm restocking Complex in Silver (both His & Hers) and Casio Illuminator in Pink. I'm also .. bringing in a new colour for the Illuminator :D !!

Complex in Silver (His & Hers)

Casio Illuminator in Blue

Hmkay ending that with a random picture of my face just because lmao. Some sneak peeks for the upcoming launch this weekend will be up tomorrow, featuring FREE iphone wallpapers :D ! Stay tuned ;) !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Breathing you in when I want you out.

Some posters I made for Nakedglory. Honestly, I don't know what I would do if I wasn't designing. What other job is this fun / lets me have my own time / allows me to do whatever the freakin' F I want day in and day out? Besides being a billionaire's child la, I mean lol. I do the things I love and I have no monday blues. Life is good as it is right now. Hope y'all are having a good Monday ! If you aren't, here are two lovely songs to cheer you up:

Okay nvm they may not cheer you up but they are lovely nevertheless hahaha come back tomorrow for sneak peeks of this week's launch ;) !

Monday, March 25, 2013

Date night.

Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ
86 East Coast Road
#02-11/20 Katong Village Block B

Finally got my butt down to Katong to try out this Korean BBQ place that I've heard so much about, and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. Almost every single type of meat I had there was tasty! And they have quite the spread, no joke! Chicken, beef, pork, prawns, lamb, squid etc; my guy friends would love it here lol.

Raw vegetables (like sliced potatoes, carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplants) were also readily available. They had a spread of cooked dishes like Korean Glass Noodles (this was ace, my bf ate 2 plates!), Seaweed soup (also moreish), Korean rice cakes (mediocre, pass on this unless they're piping hot), fried chicken wings, korean pancakes and a lot of things on skewers. I didn't touch any of the skewered foods though, was too interested in the meats! My favourite meats: the Bulgogi pork and thinly sliced bacon. Super love. I also grilled the carrots for a long time (almost til the end of the meal); dipped them in sesame oil just before eating and they were awesome :D!

Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the spread, I was damn busy stuffing my face cause' I hadn't eaten all day T_T. The total came up to about $40/each, but it's totally worth it. The meats are really tasty and they come in really large portions! This place doesn't skimp like the others so thumbs up for that :D ! Service was good too; the servers wipe your grill down from time to time to prevent the build up of charred bits. Awesome. My only complaint would be that I left the place smelling like a zhi char stall lol. So bring extra clothes if you're going k :D !

I'm in the midst of verifying payments and packing parcels, so ttyl~

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Machine men with machine minds & machine hearts.

Din Tai Fung with my siblings for lunch today. My sister sneakily ordered this while we weren't looking lol. Some sorta sour vinegar-y vegetable appetizer. Tasted surprisingly good given it's super ugly colour lol. No more pics of food after this cause I was starving so I .. kinda forgot hehehe sorryyyy!

My personal watch collection! I may or may not be a centipede. I only have just the two wrists but I can't help it! They're all so pretty T_T. 2nd last Vintage watch was a gift from my boyfriend. It's lovely but I can't bear to wear it out cause the glass scratches so damn easily ): ! Last watch is my current favourite. It's really ridiculously gorgeous, here's a close up pic from a previous post:

That said, I'm honestly running low on supplies. I've sold over 3000+ watches to date, and each time the frames run out, I get new frames. Each time the straps run out, I get more straps. But what happen when the watch faces run out? Already, quite a few of the popular designs are completely out and I'd be lying my ass off if I said I wasn't worried. Watch faces are produced in bulk, FYI. And not the printed kind, mind (more on that later!). It's the type where they stamp or stud or spray paint the watch faces, something like these:

(These watch faces are sprayed black with raised gold details)

If I do order, I'll have to order them in BULK. 500 pieces minimum and it's scaring my freakin' balls off. What if I order and no one buys them @_@? How long will 500 pieces last?? I don't want to constantly stock the same watch faces 10 months in a row T_T. Fear aside, I get to design the watch faces. I get to pick numbers or roman numerals or strokes. The colour (Black? White? Blue? Green? Purple??), the watch hands etc. Beyond excited but frankly almost equally as scared. If you guys have any watch face suggestions, I'm completely open to it! Thinking of manufacturing that Aston's vintage watch, but I'm not sure if they'll allow the tiny mechanism for the seconds. Ah we'll see, I guess! Fingers crossed for me please!

On that note, here's some sneak peeks for tomorrow's 1pm launch!

And yes, Karma is back in stock!! Super love, kept a piece for myself :D !

Close up of Karma

Hot fave: Savvy in Silver Glitter!

See you guys tomorrow at the launch at 1pm :D ! Only on:

Hmkay business aside, I finally got my hands on the perfect dress for the wedding lunch!

Chio right??????? Super like I CAN'T EVEN aosidaosijdfasdf !!!! Oh and that's part of the hem that I had to get cut off cause a short dress is actually a midi dress on a midget like me. Woah okay that sentence was quite the mouthful lol.

The cut is super flattering and the texture in the front is fabulous! Plus, when I bought it, the sales girl said to me, "Miss, are you a Small or Medium?".

WAHAHAHAH HAPPY LIKE TOAD PLS?!?!?! So I was like, "Um, have L?" (cause that's my usual size; STUPID LOVE HANDLES / WEAKNESS FOR FOOD LOL) to which she responded by checking and coming up empty handed. So I tried the M and it fit freakin perfectly so plus another 100000000 points to this dress please HAHAHAHA!

Now I'm just searching for the perfect oxfords/heels and a nice black clutch to go with this. I know, I know.. the wedding is 1 month away and I've already started planning my outfit LOL kiasu much?? But hey, y'all know why I have to look completely fabulous/flawless when that date comes around right? HAHAHAHA okay just wanted to share my happiness! oh and a small selling post coming up soon, so stick around some time next week k :D

Okay enough talk, this is becoming too long a post lol TTYS!

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