Friday, June 28, 2013

Words I couldn't say

New shades from Pull & Bear ($25.90, Vivocity); awesome new wooden bowl that I'm going to use for photos from Franc Franc.

These shades are my new favourite - I love the shape and the subtle tortoiseshell print. Plus, they were cheap to boot! I like that they aren't the boring conventional shapes like wayferers/clubmasters :D !

Can I just say that I am a slave to cutlery and kitchenware? Everytime I see something that I believe will photograph well, I just HAVE to buy it. Bf was like WTF WHY YOU KEEP BUYING BOWL and I'm just like DON'T STIFLE MY SPIRIT OKAY I AM A FREE WOMAN CUTLERY IS MY LIFE #TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Heart chain necklace & beauty pack will be up for grabs in a Foundry&Co x Nakedglory giveaway tomorrow ;) !

Aijesen Ramen with the bf today. I always eat the Pork Kimchi Ramen with no kimchi or bean sprouts or cabbage LOL I'm so irritating to serve.

Also, check out these lovely temporary tattoos from! They're usually available for purchase at a booth at Public Garden fleas and they're also available at Minikin (Cineleisure & JEM). The medium ones (like the one with 2 cats, for example) go for $5 whilst the larger one with the feathers is going for $7 for the whole sheet at Minikin at JEM.

They were really too pretty to resist. HAD to get them on sight or perhaps that's just the major shoppaholic in me that's talking.

Am trying my best to bring my camera out for pics to blog about! I've some good pics from Shaun's bday BBQ which, ironically, fell on the week of the Haze LOL. We still had a good time though, will blog about that once I can loot the pictures from Dan's camera.

That said, Nakedglory collection and new F&C items will be added on Monday so stay close <3 !

PS - One of the sites that I've recently been working on will be launching tomorrow!!! Quite excited cause' it's for an up-and-coming model/blogger , would anyone like to guess ^_^ ??? More tomorrow hehehe see y'all in abit!

Monday, June 24, 2013

In a line; in a song I once heard.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging, but things are really getting out of hand. How is it possible to feel completely restless yet incredibly tired all at the same time? I feel like I have no fucking anchor anymore.

I just feel so fucking agitated every time I'm home. I use the word 'home' loosely here. I have no place to sleep; it's more like a private library except without any books. It's just a quiet place where you come to do your own shit then fuck off from when it gets late.

I'm a messy person, I'll be the first to admit that. But it's come to the point where it's so excessively messy that I find myself getting agitated by it and that's truly saying something.

I willingly gave up my room when my grandma came to stay and have been camping out in my brother's room since he entered the army. Now that he's out, we're basically fighting for space/survival. 40% of my stuff is out here in the fucking LIVING room, 45% is in the room, and the other 15% is basically scattered all over the fucking house. I just feel so pissed off whenever I come home; it's just .. too fucking messy OAISDAOISJDAOISDJ!?!?!

Do you know what I have to do just to fucking pack my parcels??

1) Compile address on macbook in the living room

2) Print address in the printer that's in my room

3) Knock for about a thousand years while waiting for my brother to wake the fuck up to open the fucking door

4) Grow a beard in the process of waiting

5) Try not to get pissed off when he finally opens the door (with a long-suffering SIGH to boot (!@*&#(!*)

6) Climb over his mattress / debris to get to the printer while balancing the macbook

7) Print addresses, climb out of the room

8) Set macbook + addresses on the dining table

9) Mentally prepare self before diving back into the batcave for cleaning supplies

10) Try my best not to accidentally-on-purpose step on my stupid brother's face because it's not his fault for occupying the room. I know this; I truly do but it doesn't stop me from feeling pissed off

11) Gather packing supplies, pack my shit, and get the fuck out of this place before I ragequit life and my head explodes.

The main reason why I got so agitated in the first place? It took me 20 fucking minutes just to find my fucking FBTs. I just wanted to go for a run. Why is it so fucking difficult??? Now I'm just sitting here, sweating and swearing while mentally shredding the FBTS that I finally found at the bottom of a random basket.

I know it sounds so exaggerated; how can any place be that messy right? WRONG.

Have a look:

This is what sits behind my seat. My seat is that stupid wooden block, which sits in front of the glass dining table, which obviously I've conquered and made my own due to lack of space. Which in turn, pisses my mom off because she can't stand the mess which in turn pisses me off further cause' whenever I try to explain to her that I just don't have enough space, she just gets mad and unreasonable and I want to jump off a cliff. But that's a whole other story la. Back to the mess that is .. my mess. Wow I'm punny when I'm cranky lol.

Typewriter. Packing Supplies. More packing supplies. And yes that's a fucking awesome vintage candy dispenser machine that I'll be putting up for sale on Nakedglory. Yes, a mess can still be made out of completely awesome stuff. This is also the neatest part of the living room, I shit you not.

The living room table a.k.a my territory. We can now never have family meals LOL. Laptop, scotch tape, packing supples, clothes, bags, more clothes and (Surpise!) more clothes in a basket behind.

More clothes, shoes + bags + hangers + belts + even more clothes

Another random part of my living room. Clothes + clothes + chocolate + clothes.

Room. The mattress on the floor NEVER gets taken out, so I have no space to do work. There's a table blocking the main door and my cupboards, so without access to my cupboards, I just throw everything on the chair + baskets so now it just looks like the aftermath of a typhoon.

Urgh looking at all that just makes me even more pissed off. I just feel like kicking 20 kids all at once :'( !

In September, I'm starting school and my grandma's moving to another uncle's house. I'll finally have my own room; and my own bed. I've been planning my room and thinking about it for about 17 hours a day, give or take lol. I sincerely can't wait. I have a special folder on my laptop named 'Roomspiration', in which I've amassed a shitload of pictures of my dream room/house. Maybe I'll share some of them tomorrow. Ah okay enough ranting, gonna go run now ttyl!

On a side note, I'm trying to have all emails replied by tonight. Hmkay ttyl!

Monday, June 17, 2013

In a parallel universe.

I received these shoes that I'd ordered from Zooshoo quite some time ago, and in said parcel was two awesome oxfords, not sure if y'all remember but here are the stock pics:

Quite a few of you have asked me to recommend a good pair of oxfords and I'd never done so cause' frankly I was still searching. THE SEARCH IS OVER!!!! These oxfords are freakin' ridiculous! True to size + faux suede + laces that don't look cheap. They bit the first time I wore them out, but after breaking them in, I can honestly say these are my favourite flats to date. I keep trying to take a proper picture but because they're black, they just look like .. black blobs in pictures ):< !!! But trust me when I say they're awesome. My only gripe would be that they scratch easily and for someone has tomboy-ish as me, I've already racked up at least 7 scratches. I'd be lying if I said they weren't visible; the shoes are black and the scratches are .. almost white T_T. But I'm not fussy about it, so no biggie. Might be a problem if you are though! Here's the link to the black pair and the grey pair. They're a tad pricy, $38 SGD without shipping, but they're worth it. I'm going to get another 2 pairs just in case my current one dies, that's how kiasu I am LOL.

For sizing reference, I'm a uk6/39, Cotton on 38/39. I took US size 8 and it fits fucking perfectly! It'll be a little tight at first but will loosen with wear. Go half a size up if you wish to wear socks :D !

In other news, these are my bf's + my key fobs. Leftmost is obviously mine and CLEAN, the one in the center belongs to him. I seriously have NO fucking idea how he managed to turn it that dirty leh?!?! He took it out and I was completely like :

DAFUQ!!! What did he do with it?!?! Use it to wipe his butt izzit omg seriously?!!?!?!?!? The last one is a new, Black key fob. Frankly, I truly think his keyfob would have eventually turned black anyway with the way he uses it LOL. Got him a new black one, now I can't see how filthy it is. Ignorance is bliss, right? HAHAHAHA

Oh and the picture on the right is a Dugong touching it's penis. I just thought it was funny LOLOLOLOL. I figured since I haven't been taking pictures, the iphone ones will have to make do else since my blog is fast turning to stone from lack of use. The boyfriend and I often send each other randomly stupid pictures that amuse us. The masturbating dugong is one example HAHAHAHA okay now you can't unsee it - you're welcome ^_^ ! HAHAHAHAHA okay don't punch me

My troll friends buying shavers with me for the bf's bday

Breakfast with my family - first time in a long long time lol. I managed to flip the entire cup of milo on the table heh GO ME!

Joyce dropped by the flea last sat :D ! And on the right, just a semi-close up of my lashes that I'd gotten done for the wedding. These are eyelash extensions! Didn't hurt, but they're annoying me now that several have dropped off and I have like weirdly gaping holes in my lashline lol. Please ignore the horrible hair and complexion, I just woke up LOL.

In other news, my bf can wear my fucking shorts tsk!!!!! He picked them up and said "hey I think I can wear", and proceeded to squeeze into them. Not sure if I should feel offended or sad HAHAHAH FUCK I don't want to be fatter than him lor kns! As revenge, I'm putting these pictures up on my blog HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HI BF IF YOU SEE THIS, YOU'RE SUPER HANDSOME ROFL

Massive amount of bubblewrap that arrived this morning. Please factor in the chair for size reference lol. My mom's going to fucking kill me; there's already barely enough space to move in this house. I might have to sleep on them LOL.

Okay that's all for pictures on the iphone (those that are allowed to see the light of day, anyway heh heh heh)! It's the bf's bday tomorrow! I'm bringing him to USS, then MBS, then supper at night. Can't wait to see how he fares on the roller coasters, we've never sat on one together before :D !

On a completely unrelated side note - Nakedglory has hit 3000 likes!!!!!!!!

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! In appreciation, I'm having a sale on Nakedglory tomorrow - all petites go for $20 (usual price : $24) whilst all large ones are going for $30 (usual price: $36)! Tomorrow at 8pm k, don't say I didn't give y'all any warning!

Can I just say that the new watches are BEYOND chio?!?! Here's a sneak peek, the rest of the pics are already up on facebook :D !

Atom in Maroon

Taboo in Black - finally restocked!

Grid in Gunmetal Grey !!! Available in two different frames - CHIO MAX I KEPT FOR MYSELF!

NEW! Glamour in Cherry. Freaking' chio shimmery red, this is one of my favourite upcoming designs :D!

Cinch in Black Pearl :D

Basically a shit tonne more! Drop by tomorrow at 8pm k, promise you won't be disappointed :D ! Check out the facebook album for the full preview of what's available :D ! Sale will only run for 48 hours so fastest fingers first k :D

Hmkay I'm gotta go prep for tomorrow, hope y'all are having an awesome monday :D ! TTYL KTHXBAI
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