Monday, September 30, 2013


Woke up at 6.30, rushed my ass off to catch the express bus which, of course, did not happen. Took the normal 151 from Hougang and it took 1.5 hours to reach .. Trellis Towers (around the toa payoh highway area).

Lessons were to start at 8.30am, and at 9am I was still stuck at the highway due to a MASSIVE jam. Smiles were all around, obviously.

I logged into the SIM student portal to check my lesson location only to discover that ..


Clearly, I'm the brightest of them all. Next lesson was at 4pm. YAY 7 FUCKING HOURS TO KILL ! Someone kill me right fucking now pls T_T

On a fucking random side note, some people need to grow the fuck up and be more fucking responsible. Seriously, I don't fucking have time for the childish games you're playing k??? WAKE THE FUCK UP LA!

Friday, September 27, 2013

I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

Vintage yumminess and new digital magic will be on sale tomorrow at our Public Garden Booth at the National Museum of Singapore! 1pm - 7pm, do drop by if you can :D !

On a side note, I dropped by camera and now it's broken. I don't know how the hell I managed to take these shots, I just approximated the settings and the rest is the magic of photoshop. Pissed off but mostly just damn sian. Now I have to repair it, wonder how much it'll cost :/ ..

On a less sian note, Temporium Singapore approached me and asked me to stock at their awesome popup store!!! Suffice to say I'm quite excited, sending them the catalogue tomorrow so fingers crossed!

School has been okay, I'm getting used to the crapola that is waking up at 6am in the morning. Most days, I'm late and I have to take cabs so it's been really burningn a hole in my wallet. I'm seriously considering moving into the hostel, so I can save up on exorbitant cabbing fees. I iz queen of lazy and tardiness.

Anyone have any tips on how to be more punctual? I swear I set times for myself to leave then boom I'm suddenly an hour late.

Hmkay I gotta meet a buyer in a few mins, ttyl!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Some kind of special

Ah sorry, the flea's today, sat and sun at Triple One somerset, NOT 313 :x ! See y'all there :S

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yet again?

(one year back from today)

Scary how time flies, right?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You're not convinced that that is enough?

Printed Hair Ties. They supposedly don't leave unsightly marks even after tying your hair for a long time. I tied mine but totally forgot to get check for indentation marks lol sorreh.

Mint & Gold F21 Pouch. Pretty, but it looks like it could possible be easily scratched :/

Obey Double Feather Necklace. Saw this months ago and I really wanted it, but at $52 USD, they were a want that I didn't need. Saw it on sale so now I own .. 2 pieces. Kiasu max, I know.

I'm sure you all know that I've always been pressed for time. Now with school and the constant traveling from one end of the island to the other, I've even less. I barely have time to scratch my butt tsk. CCA recruitment will start soon, and I'm just worried that I won't even have time to breathe should I take one up, but it was a major reason for my return to school - so that I could get fit and healthy again.

Pffft okay enough complaining for now. I'm having a flea this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 313, level 16. There's gonna be quite a few awesome vendors there, so drop by if y'all can! There's a booth run by the Tinkr girls, it's a 3D printing booth where you can print out little figurines!! I'm freakin' excited to go see, if I can find pics, I'll update here later on. Lesson's about to start soon so I'll ttyl <3 !

Friday, September 13, 2013

Everything must go.

I'll be at City Square Mall at the Public Garden Flea tomorrow! Do head down if possible, I'll be selling a shittonne of my clothes for super cheap! I'm thinking $8 each or 3 for $25, else those on the racks will range from $10 - 25 (: ! Think F21, UO, Mango, Topshop, Love Bonito, Aforarcade, Berhska, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear etc. I really have a lot of clothes T_T! The more you buy, the cheaper they'll be ! I'll be there from 1pm til 7pm, see y'all tomorrow :D !!

I'll try to upload a vid if possible, stay close :D !

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fun & Games (Updated!)

10% off storewide, inclusive of Casios, Vintage etc! 48 hours only so fastest fingers first :D !

Quilted Bunny Bags in Black & Green

Just received them yesterday and I just gotta say that I freakin' LOVE them!! Really freakin' good quality, comes with a zippered inner pocket, adjustable straps - what's not to love?! Also, they're damn adorable @_@ ?! My only gripe is that they are slightly too small to put my super long wallet in, but I just pop my cash and cards into a small pouch and I'm good to go!

Gets yours here:

Gonna pop by the Pasar Malam nearby for a much-needed kebab and will be verifying payments later tonight :D ! Also, going to update this post later on with a small selling post, so stay close :D

Selling the following, text or whatsapp me at 96716946 to confirm! Self collection or meetups at Tampines is preferable, else postage is $1.50 for norm or $3.50 for reg.

1.  F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Gold - $5

2.  F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Silver - $5

3. F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Gold - $5 PENDING

4. F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Silver - $5

5. F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Gold - $7

6. F21 Triangle Charm Necklace in Gold - $7

7. F21 Triangle Charm Necklace in Silver - $7

8. F21 Southwestern Stretchy Bracelet - $5 PENDING

9. F21 Tribal Print High-Low Tank - Size M - $13

10. BNWT F21 Eyelet Georgette Shirt - Size M ($15)

11. BNWT F21 Striped Zippered Top - Size L ($15)

12. BNWT F21 Essential Striped Tie-Front Top - Tagged M - $15

13. F21 Tie-Back Chiffon Top in Black - Size M - $15

14. F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in White- Size L - $15 

15. F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in Mint - Size L - $15 

16. F21 Bejeweled Sleeveless Romper - Size L - $20

17. F21 Floral Romper - Medium - $25

18. F21 Ditsy Triangle Racerback Dress in Black - Size S - $15

19. F21 LOVE21 Baroque Print A-line Dress - Size L - $25

20. Bambam Bodysuit In Fire & Rain Print -  M - $20

21. Oasis Detail Back Dress - UK10 - $45

22. ASOS Bodycon Playsuit  - UK10 - $25

23. ASOS Glamorous Leaf Print Tea Dress - Tagged UK10 - $15

24. ASOS Top With Keyhole Neck And Contrast Trim - UK10 - $15

25.  Tobi Ladder Cutout Pleated Dress - Size L ($40)

26. Tobi Ziggy Pop Tank Dress - Size M - $25

27. Kimchi Blue Libby Strapless Woven Dress - Size M - $22

29. MNGO Zipper Bodycon Dress in Black - M - $25

30. PMT Navy Rose Romper - Fits UK 8-10 best - $15

31. TracyEinny Gorgeous Stellar Romper in Black - $20

32. Lovebonito Radolf Romper Black - Size M - $25

33. Megagamie Gich Zippy Playsuit In Midnight & Black - Size L - $25 each


34. KLARRA Mason Cut-in Tank in White - Size L - $20


35. KLARRA Mason Cut-in Tank in Black - Size L - $20


36. Gelliz Athena Floral Romper - Grey Purple - Size M - $20


37. Gelliz Athena Floral Romper - Pink Blue - Size M - $20


38. Tyra Floral Romper in Kaleidoscope Blue - Size M - $20

Ah okay that's all I could find for today. Text or whatsapp me at 96716946 to confirm ^_^ !
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