Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Will all this crying ever end? I weep when I wake up, weep when I sleep. It comes in waves and I'm not sure if it will ever stop. I am told losing someone you love is like getting a bruise on your heart. I disagree. Bruises fade and the pain slowly ebbs. With time, you heal and it's like it never was.
But that's not how it should be, should it? You'd be a scar; a keloid of sorts. I never want my memories of you to fade away. You are a scar on my heart, and I am better for each time my eyes burn from remembering.

You're in a better place; a happier one - but that doesn't mean I won't miss you. Rest in peace, popo.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Just don't tell me that.

Rob Schneider Standup with Edward after the flea :D ! First of all, a heartfelt thank you to those who showed up for the flea! I was late - because obviously I'm the reiging queen of punctuality - and when I reached, our stall was completely SWARMED for at least 20 minutes. Swarmed, I say! So happy that the printed pretties were so well received :') !

Wearing my new New Look Monochrome Daisy Camisole, which I completely love to death. Makes me look skinny-ish HYUKHYUKHYUKHYUK! Bought a pair of grey canvas plimsolls from New Look before running to the flea cause I was wearing slippers. Who wears slippers to town???? Me, obviously, because an hour prior to my flea, my sister STABBED ME IN THE FOOT. With a DOOR. I'm not even fucking joking -_- .

Anyway, I got them plimsolls in my usual size (uk6/39) only to discover that they were FUCKING loose -_- . But I was running motherlate for the show so fuck it I just bought them. They're the same pair as the black ones I bought from ASOS in the previous post, and I later came to find that those were a size too big as well ):< !

Loot from the previous post came. Within a freakin DAY. ASOS hires ninjas, apparently. I LOVE THESE!!!!! They are fucking cute, but once again too loose. Bought my usual size, but I can put a finger between my heel and the shoe when worn ):< ! Only worn once, selling these for $10 with meetup! Still in good condition, obviously. I'm not a barbarian. Mostly, anyway lol. Text me at 96716946 if you want them okay! Anyway, they are majorly cute and fun, and surprisingly easy to match! Bought them in one size down from ASOS once again lol.

As for the gash on my left foot? I was showering while my sister tried to enter the shower area. Our shower is closed off; like a glass enclosure with a door that opens inwardly. She was talking to me and I was looking at her while she droned on about something I can't quite recall, and BOOMZ she jammed the GLASS DOOR CORNER into my fucking foot. I didn't scream cause' that's not how I roll. I proceeded to shout my ass off instead lol.

Pretty sure I had this exact sequence of expressions going on:

My sister just kept giggling, being the fucking psychopath that she is. She was like HAHA SORRY HAHA YOU KNOW I CAN'T SEE WITHOUT MY GLASSES HA HA HA HA OOPS SORRY HEHEHE ^_^ !!! I thought you saw me opening the door cause you looking at me mah hehehehehe ^_^ !.

What the fuck lor HOW would I know that doom was about to befall my foot if I was looking at your face and not at my feet -_- ? What logic lol omg this woman is really one of a kind.

At that point it hurt like a little bitch but there wasn't any blood. When I returned to my room to get dressed, I realized my skin had torn off and was dangling off one side of the wound -_____- . Now it hurts slightly when I walk cause' it feels so damn bruised. The gash now looks like a smiling mouth, which is very ironic and quite fucked up. Thanks so very much, my lovely and kind (AND FUCKING BLIND) elder sister -_- .

Am wearing this right now, actually lol. Bf took this photo for me and I look skinny in it so I'm just going to ignore the dustbin (wtf bf?!) beside me.

Wearing ForeverNew Milla Frill Camisole in Deep Merlot, perforated Supre cardigan (which I'm regretting to death, freezing my ass off in class right now >_< ), f21 shorts and New Look Maverick Black Slip On Flat Shoes.

ForeverNew Milla Frill Camisole in Deep Merlot · New Look Monochrome Daisy Camisole · New Look Black Oriental Floral Cami

I wanna get the Oriental one but it's not in stores yet, annoyingly. Free shipping to Singapore for orders over £55, anyone wanna spree :D ? If yes please text me at email me or text me okay k ! 96716946 or whatthepong@Gmail.com, i need about £30 more to ship so priss lmk! Hmkay class ends only in 45 mins, afterwhich I'm gonna limp on outta here lol ttys!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Printed Pretties in Petite.
2cm across. Dainty. Awesome.

On a side note, GOD DAMN IT ASOS!!!! They just sent me a 10% off discount count -_- . Why couldn't they have sent it yesterday? PFFFT >:(

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


281 Holland Avenue
Facebook: PARKathv

Had an early, lazy brunch on Sunday with my boyfriend. We've been together for so long; it almost feels like we're already married. We don't quibble over small things anymore, and I really love where we are now. We don't have much time to spend together; just small pockets of quiet between the hustle and bustle of work and school, plus whatever I can squeeze out before or after my lessons. On Sunday, we helped our friend Daniel with a photography project that had the lot of us carrying a SOFA across 5 meadows (and a carpark). Basically secreted about 5kg of sweat LOL.

So anyway, back to brunch. We were early, the rest were still asleep so we went to Holland to try out Park, a cafe that I'd walked past on several occasions. We went at approx 10am, when they'd just opened. Quiet and serene, nary a person in sight at that point of time. I had a Hangover Platter (pictured above), which consisted of 1 style of eggs (I chose poached), bacon, a sausage, one tiny pancake (lol wut), mushrooms and several plump tomatoes. It wasn't super fabulous, the sausage and eggs were the standouts here. Sausage was fat and juicy, eggs were poached perfectly. Everything else on the plate was not memorable. Still, I quite liked the quiet and the general ambience. I'd go back again to chill and maybe try their pancakes perhaps (: ! The bf had Seafood Aglio Olio - at 10am in the freakin' morning, mind - which was pretty good.

Will return just for the ambience alone, that's for sure. Plus points for having Somersby Cider too, one of my fave drinks :D !

Random candids at one of the locations. My friends are all equal parts crazy and creepy (as you can clearly see from Edward, um, fondling my boyfriend's ear LOL).

Canton Paradise on a random day on which I ended classes early. It's kinda nice that he works one stop away from my school. I love love love Canton Paradise! The porridge in particular is one of the best congee dishes I've ever had. I usually order the one with scallops, prawns and fish cause' I'm greedy as hell lol. Comes with freshly fried (and perfectly crispy) youtiaos ^_^ !

That was also the day I discovered that he HATES Canton Paradise. Now I can only eat it once a month, after much cajoling T_T.

Dinner date after work on another random day. Ate at Urban Spoon at Jalan Kayu, really used to like their risotto but they recently updated their menu and it kinda sucks now -_- . Look at my fat face omg. Did I mention I've put on weight due to the me not giving a fuck about my carb intake anymore? Now look where it got me FUUUUUUUUU !!! Gotta go back on no carb again soon T_T.

He tried to grow out his hair, hence the ah-beng hairband. This stupid boy always wears it with such great pride, much to MY shame lol.

Despite the new shitty menu, discovered Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, which i completely fucking love. LOVE to bits seriously. Damn tasty?!!?! But it's pretty hard to find, sadly. Going to swing by East of Avalon Wines (at Joo Chiat) to grab a carton soon :D !

More Vintage bags to be up on Nakedglory. Had a hard time shooting these, who knew composition on concrete was so damned tedious? Almost broke my back bending over these to get a good angle -_-. Also, random shot I never came to post on instagram. The mood watch on the right is slightly defective. Half of it changes colour at a slower speed, giving it an ombre appearance. Totally love it and kept it for myself LOL; sometimes being different can be a good thing, yes/no ?

Random loot post ahead btw lol.

ASOS Simple Shift Dress in Black. Wanted the green but it sold out damn fast tsk !

Glamorous Maxi Dress with Plunge V Back - Via ASOS. Probably going to slice into a minidress, as usual.

New Look Maverick Black Slip On Flat Shoes & New Look Marl Black Plimsolls. I usually get plain shoes without such bright detailing, but it looks quite comfortable and fun to wear for a random trip across the road to the mall, so why not? Got the plain ones as well, FUCKING CHEAP CAN?! On sale now on ASOS for $12.54 SGD NO JOKE. I've tried them on at New Look before, they were pretty comfy so I suggest you get a pair too :D ! The embroidered ones are only $15.97 SGD, also quite a steal for such cute shoes. Don't say I never share good deals k ;P

ASOS DAMIEN Trainers - they look really cute, and I like the speckled base. Just buying shoes to wear to school, kinda bored of forever wearing boots to school.

On a side note, someone commented on formspring saying I rarely post now except about watches. It's true, and I'm really sorry about that. If you're a long time reader, you'd know I'm bitchy as hell. I bitch about stupid people and things that irritate me, but lately that largely involves my clients and customers. Some are lovely, don't get me wrong! But quite a few make me feel like they crawled right out of satan's ass -_- . As much much MUCH as I would like to complain, bitch, share the joke and make a big fuss, I can't. I want and strive to be as professional as possible regarding my work, so I have been censoring a lot of my posts. I'm so very sorry for that, but there's not much I can do about it T_T. If you've stuck by after all this while, thank you once again T_T. I will try to bitch about non-related idiots la if possible LOL.

Okay that is all! I hope this post will suffice as something a little more personal than what I've been posting lately :x ! Have a good night y'all, tomorrow is thursday which means THE WEEKEND IS NEAR WOOHOOOOOOOOO! Honestly makes no difference to me though, I work on weekends anyway T_T. Hope to see y'all at the flea this Saturday at Scape k (: ! Come support and buy my chio watches WAHAHAHA hmkay back to work ttyl ^_^

Monday, October 21, 2013

This means war.

It's no secret that I've been copied to death, but when people try to copy Nakedglory; something I've poured my blood, sweat and tears into - that's just crossing the line. I know it's business, but FOR SHAME man! Seriously?

From my style of phototaking (watches on wood textures) down to category names (Large & Petite??? Surely there are OTHER words you could use? Big and small for example??? Even going so far as to call vintage watches "True Vintage", almost ALL the terms I personally coined?? May I suggest thersaurus.com ?). And now it's been taken one step further. Copying my printed watches, from florals right down to maps. Where does it stop? I mean, of course mine are still prettier, but it's just the principle of the matter, isn't it? Plus, one of the most blatant copycats actually had the gall to block me on instagram. Gotta say I was thoroughly offended by that; felt like an unprovoked slap to the face.

Some people have told me to just take it as a compliment. They tell me imitation is the best form of flattery, but I call bullshit. It's just downright disrespectful and frankly quite gross. I shall mention no names cause' I refuse to give them (yes, there are several now) any sort of fame and recognition. I can't deny it gets under my skin that there are people that unscrupulous, but it makes me strive to be better. Rage has me raring to go; raring to grow my business and to make Nakedglory more awesome than ever. We're kicking ass and takin' names and will do so for a long time to come. Now we're bringing in vintage bags, and I'm striving to add more and more goodies to the site. Did I also mention I'm working on a KICKASS new website? Stay close, friends.

On that note, check out our new printed collection! More maps and florals than ever before, and they're ALL so pretty! Swear I almost shed tears today whilst I was unpacking! Every piece is handmade, and will only be going for $28 each or $25/each for 2 pieces. I'm considering $23 each for 3 pieces and up but I'm not too sure yet. That's at least $10 less than my usual printed watch prices (although those came with warranty), but hey I gotta stay competitive, right ? I've decided that they'll be $25 each or $45 for two :D !

Grow where you're planted :D

Quotes, textures and even a lil' something something for all those hipster chicks ;D !

Pinapple prints; one of my personal favourites! So cute and bright! But I truly love pineapple prints so I may be a little biased. Or not. Still chio la!

Feathers, patterns and even tribal. Told you we're kickin' ass hehehe

Ombres, Chevron, Geometrics. Chevron is also another personal fave! Keeping for myself ^_^!

Florals with and without dials (just testing out the dials to see if they would look good and they turned out pretty nicely if I do say so myself :D !

And of course, maps. I put a lot of effort into these, hope you love them just as much as I do! They're approximately 3cm in diameter, not too big and not too small (: ! Did I also mention ... that there are also 50 pcs of printed petites as well ;P ? Stay tuned for sneaks!

Do take note that we'll be at Scape this coming Saturday. I only have 1-3 pieces per design so fastest fingers first (: ! We'll also be at the Geekspiration Roadshow at Singapore Poly on the 30th of Oct, do drop by and support if possible :D !

On a final note, I just wanna say thank you all for reading my sporadically updated blog. I really am trying, and frankly am limited to certain topics as, now that I'm working, I can't afford to offend certain people. All I can do now is bitch loudly in private *sheds tear*.

Have a good week ahead y'all, 明天会更好 (: !
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