Friday, November 29, 2013

Just keep breathing.

Finally tried the infamous Mee Hoon Kuay at Beauty World Center. Honestly I feel like it's a little overrated, but it was still pretty good! $4 for this, worth at least one try though :D !

Mentaiko pasta from a random Japanese Cafe in Nex. Bad service, mediocre food. Not worth mentioning.

This is super backdated, but these are some progress shots from helping my sister set up her boyfee's surprise party that was themed along the lines of the Blurred Lines Video by Robin Thicke! Had to venture into the massively ulu parts of Singapore to source for these silver balloons. The 20" ones were WAY too expensive, so I searched high and low for the smaller 6" ones :D ! Cute, functional and basically the perfect birthday party accessory. Let me know if you think I should open a preorder for these; they'd make an awesome addition to your xmas party decor :D !

Also, the massive amount of accessories we brought to the flea (: ! It sold so well, really grateful for all the support guys :') ! Next batch of accessories is on it's way and we'll be bringing it to the next subsequent flea, so stay close k (: !

On one last note, new arrivals that JUST arrived. HOW CHIO ?! The burgundy one is really :') ! Will be bringing these to the flea tomorrow, do drop by if y'all can :D !

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This conversation literally just happened.

Sister: Have you heard of the asshole exhibition?

Me: WHAT?! NO?!?

Sister: Really?

Me: WTF? What is it??

Sister: Literally, an exhibition of assholes lor. Google it!

Me: NO?!

Sister: GOOGLE IT!


Sister: Facebook lor.

I proceed to google this against my better judgement. This is my current expression and will remain so for the next 48 hours I think.

Proceed with caution, friends.

Run Free

Cute markers from Daiso. $2 for a pack of 3. Bought these for Pictionary Night at my place! Vintage easel + giant sheafs of paper ($6/pack from Popular) + markers ($2) + crazy people (f.o.c) = one hell of a night. Try it! Cheap and fun hangout idea :D ! I should have kept some of the pictures though, some were so ridiculous they should have been framed after lol. Don't worry if you don't have an easel; maybe try a clipboard or you can stick it the paper to the wall instead! Go crazy :D !

My favourite lip balm EVER. Isn't sticky nor smelly, doesn't have a weird taste and keeps my super-chapped lips soft. I'm not in the habit of guzzling water, so my lips are almost always cracking, peeling and bleeding even. Not after using this though ! The Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant/Sunscreen (LOL THE NAME SUPER STEP I CAN'T EVEN) is $14.95 from Guardian (sold out at Watsons, try the obscure branches of Watsons/Guardian! There are a few left at the Tampines Mall branch), worth every penny. As for the taste, it's a bit like slightly-waxy candy. Doesn't leave a sour taste, doesn't coat your tongue either. Did I already mention how much I love it? Ok imma stop raving now lol. But get one okay!

My new printed leather pouch from Becausebecause ! This is my fourth one, shaped similarly to the Baggu pouches. Zipper closure; completely awesome. Every time i pass by their booth, my hands itch to get another one @_@. Too addictive. P.S - That's a Vintage Titan, comes with 2 year warranty. Coming soon :D !

I feel like this is possibly my first non-commercial entry in a long long long long time. Just some updates : Schools' been a pain, travelling back and forth is really no mean feat. Freelance's been fun save for a few major hiccups that made me wanna punch people. Trying to resolve them amicably has taken all the tact and self-control that I never knew I had. In business, it's not nice to blow up even when people are acting shitty so I've been biting my tongue and basically 打小人-ing at home LOL. I swear I'm nice in general but being around irresponsible/rude/shitty people has been nothing but trying. As for Nakedglory, I've been slogging day and night over the new website. I may have shed a few tears and stayed up til' wee hours of the morning, but it's going to be so freakin' worth it when I'm done.

On a random note, I've brought in some gorgeous Herschel Supply satchels and backpacks, I want to display them at the flea but I can't think of any way besides a hatstand, but that won't allow me to display them all. Maybe I should bring a clothes rack and string them by the top loop? Any suggestions? I've until Friday to prep @_@.

Hmkay that's all, it's been one hell of a busy week, I'm gonna dive into the 156 emails that remain unanswered T_T. Do drop by the Public Garden Xmas Market fleas if possible k, there are so many gorgeous things to buy that I rarely leave empty handed. See you if I see you (: !

P.S - I swapped out the font and made it bigger, hope it's more legible than before. Let me know what you think :D !

Monday, November 25, 2013


More Herschel Supply! Am currently working on the new site, can't decide if I should launch the Herschels when it's complete or not :/ !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

12 days of xmas (zhng)

Nakedglory x Foundry&Co
Public Garden Flea, TripleOne Somerset Lvl 16
1-7pm, 23 & 24th Nov 13'

See you guys there!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Selling Post : Accessories

1. Asos Green Sunnies : $10

2. Urban Outfitter Beige Clubmasters : $10 Pending

3. ASOS X Eyes : $10 Pending

Get all 3 for $20!

4. Charles & Keith Sunshine wallet (with back detachable zippered pouch) - $15

Retailed for much more, but has scratches and marks, hence cheap. Inside of the wallet is pristine though!

5. Colab wallet from Karmaloop - $10 Pending

shittonne of wallet space / card slots. used quite a bit, but still in quite good condition save for what you see above.

Nego with multiple purchases!

6. Accessorize Owl Pouch - $8 Pending

Snap button closure. Used once.

7. Giant Ribbon Rings - $8 each or both for $10

adjustable ring backs

8. Skull ring in Gold - $12

9. Skull ring in Silver - $12

10. Tiger Ring - $8

Fits ring size M/L

11. Set of 2 nautical rings - $10

Fits ring size M/L

12. ASOS Horse Play Ring - $5

13. Cicada Silver Ring (adjustable back) - $5

14. STFU double ring - $5

15. Spider Ring - $8

16. Eyeball ring - $5

17. Batman Ring - $12

18 Stack of Single rings : $15 for all

19. Stack of double rings - $15 for all

Get every single ring in this post for $35

20. Armcandy Lot A : $10 everything in here for $10 !

21. F21 Spiky Stretch Bracelets in Gold PENDING and Silver, $8 each or both for $12

22. F21 Spike Bracelets in Gold PENDING and Silver , $8 each or both for $12

23. Urban Outfitters Bangle Set - $10

24. F21 Nautical Bracelet Set

25. ASOS Gogo Philps Stretch Bracelet Set - $8

26. Gogo Philips Chain Bracelet - $12

27. Stretch Skull bracelet - $5 Pending

28. Dive Wooden Heart Necklace - $8

29. Diva Acrylic Stag Necklace - $8 PENDING

30. Diva Pink Birdy Necklace - $5

slight discoloration on bird's wings

31. Coral Drops Necklace - $8 Pending

32. Silver Spiked Sun Necklace - $5

33. F21 Gold Sunray Necklace - $8

34. F21 Medallion Necklace - $15

35. Newlook Rope / Gold Bead necklace - $15

36. F21 Gold Triangle Necklace - $8

37. Cotton On Silver Triangle Necklace - $5

38. F21 Anchor Necklace - $5

39. Lips Necklace, slight chipping of colour - $2

40. Cotton On Gold Triangle Necklace - $5

41. ASOS Black Acrylic Bird Necklace - $8

42. ASOS Badge Necklace - $8 Pending

43. Adjustable gold beads on fabric necklace - $8

44. Silver Semicircle Necklace - $5

45. Diva Gold knot Necklace - $8 Pending

46. Turquoise Armor Necklace - $12

47. Freak Necklace

50. F21 Chevron Necklace in Gold and Silver - $12 each or both for $20

51. Diva Golden Ball Necklace - $8 PENDING

52. Yellow Dipper Necklace - $5 PENDING

53. Juicy Couture Silver Charm Bracelet - $35 Pending

Hmkay that's all for today, text or whatsapp me at 96716946 if confirming, postage not included in the price. Self Collection available at all my upcoming flea booths:

Sat 23 Nov - Sun 24 Nov
Sat 30 Nov - Sun 1 Dec
Sat 7 Dec - Sun 8 Dec
Sat 14 Dec - Sun 15 Dec

Time: 1-7PM
Venue: TripleOne Somerset Level 16

Text away! Super nego for multiple items, else can the whole damned post for $100 (the JC bracelet alone is $35 already, it's a super good deal for basically one bloody shelf of things that make your very own Diva Store LOL).

Text text text away !
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