Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All that glitters.

This is why I'm the best girlfriend ever. Partly because ASOS is a little bitch and keeps selling cheapish but awesome shirts lol. Can safely say that my bf is better dressed than I am. I got myself a pair jelly JuJu Sandals too! They look cute, hope they'll be comfy :D ! Snakeskin crossover bag in blue reptile print, I really quite like the texture and color. I'm trying to add pops of colour to my mostly black/navy/blue/funeral-type outfits lol.

F21 everything; all day err' day HAHAHA! Can't wait for all of them to arrive!

Hmkay I know cheenapok new year is about to start, and I've yet to make my resolutions. This year, I will take my commitments more seriously than ever. Goals for the new year:

  Hit 6000 Likes on the Nakedglory Fb Page
  Hit 10000 Followers on the Nakedglory Instagram Account
  Save at least $xxxx for my US trip
  Try to get my license (wtf 25 years old still no license how can)
  Travel to at least 3 countries
Get my NG accounts in order (LOL)
Stop taking shit from irresponsible/stupid people

With regards to the last one, 2013 was just a tumultuous ride of shitty clients and shitty people to work with. I never imagined that people could be so irresponsible and just generally gross. I tried keeping quiet and pushing gently, but it didn't work. It's all work related, hence I tried to be as civil as possible. No fucking longer. I'm going to push as fucking hard as I can because I have other people, other clients and customers to answer to. I'm not going to just sit there passively anymore. I'm fucking 25 this year, I don't have time for your irresponsible shit and attitude that makes me, my brand or my company look bad. Enough is enough.

Hmkay rant over. The rest of the goals seem relatively reachable. This past month has been quite good to me, I honestly can't wait for mahjong and gambling this CNY! Super love to gamble, in a non--gambling-addict kinda way lol. Hmkay back to work, ttys!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Took a short trip to Malaysia with the bf & his family. My first trip "overseas" with all of them in one car. It was about 85% fun and 15% massively harrowing. The driving was .. well safe to say it literally gave me nightmares. I woke up twice that night because I dreamt I'd been in a car crash @_@. On a more positive note, LOOK AT ALL THAT CHEWING GUM!?!? Possible enough to drown in.

RIDICULOUSLY good buns. Randomly came across these while following our noses, bought one to try and ended up buying an entire box. THAT GOOD. Super love!

Sat at the wheel while his parents went to buy stuff to prevent the car from being towed -_-. Also, got this fossil Pineapple charm for super cheap!!!! Gonna introduce charms to Nakedglory for further customization of watches :D !

Had better-than-average seafood at a place that took us 1hr+ to locate and one of the best coconuts I'd ever tasted. As you can see, the bf's face is almost completely inside the damned coconut HAHAHA #glutton

All in all it was a generally pleasant experience, but the driving was bloody terrifying. NEVER AGAIN.

On a less tense note, this past weekend, we were invited to set up at the Public Garden booth at Citylink Mall. I say booth in the loosest sense of the word, cause once we stepped in we were pretty much blown away. Felt so much like we had a little space in a retail store, it was pretty inspiring. Pretty much the most excited I'd ever been to set up haha!

Drove me a little mad trying to find pieces that fit together for our display, check out those planks I salvaged! A furniture shop was throwing them out and the nice foreign workers let me pick out a few :D ! My only regret is that all my wooden pieces are not of the same colour and were therefore not as cohesive as a whole, but I know i'm just nitpicking.

Table cloth from Ikea, random geometric shaped table stand I got for 50 bucks at a vintage store. They were surprised I wanted it because quite frankly they couldn't figure out what it was. Neither could I, to be honest! I just thought woo this might look good with a coat of matte white paint HAHAHAHA! See?? Being a hoarder has it's uses. Sometimes.

Just wanted to say thank you all for the amazing response! We literally had less than 10 pieces of jewelry left for our Foundry & Co collection, and I sold more than 150+ watches in the span of those 2 (super long) days! It was amazing and truly motivational, to feel like one day we really could have our own physical space :') ! Thank you all once again T_T.

Hmkay it's 2am now, I need to go grab some shuteye before my brain starts shutting down lol. Have a good week ahead, everyone :D !

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Love don't die easy - Selling post

Hi guys, this is what I could find from my stock pics for now, will try to search for more if possible! As per usual, whatsapp 96716946 to confirm!

Nego for multiple items, please don't be afraid to ask! But of course don't ask for like $10 off 2 items la -_- . Pick up available at Citylink mall this entire weekend (sat & Sun, 1-10pm). Meetups available at Tampines as well. Priority given to those who opt for meetups/self collection and/or multiple purchases.

I'm going to knock out right now, will reply whatsapps tomorrow! Happy shoppinggg! Oh and if some prices and sizes are missing, it's cause I can't remember if I already sold them or not so I'll have to check once I get home tomorrow :D! Support support support! Will try to update with more bottoms and footwear tomorrow!

F21 Aloha Print Dolphin Shorts in Black $15
Size 28, fits UK8-10

F21 Frayed Denim Cutoffs - $15
Fits uk6-8 best

F21 Striped Peplum Top - $18
Strpes are navy

F21 High-Low Rose Print Shirt - $15

F21 Strapless Peplum Top in Coral, White and Black - $20 each
Really good material, tagged size M

Bershka striped faux leather Tank - $18
Tagged L, very unique material

Mango Textured Bodycon Dress

Bambam Bodysuit In Fire & Rain Print

CWC Leigh One Shoulder Top - $12
Tagged L, fits UK10

UO Pins And Needles Tapestry Cropped Tank Top $25
Tagged M, fits uk8 -10 best

F21 Sleeveless Static Print Shirt - $17
Tagged Medium

F21 Polka Dot Chiffon Top - $15
Tagged M

F21 Gorilla Tank - $12
Tagged M

F21 Fade-Out Tropical Bodysuit -$16
Tagged Large

New Look Cameo Rose Black Layered Strappy Cami - $18
Tagged UK10

New Look Black Metallic Zigzag High Neck Cami - $18
Tagged uk12

New Look Dark Purple Textured High Neck Longline Cami - $18
Tagged uk12

ASOS Tapestry Corset with Peplum - $35
Tagged uk10, fits UK8 best

F21 Pineapple Print Romper - $26
Tagged Medium

F21 Open Back Sailboat Romper - $24
Tagged M

F21 Desert Queen Cactus Romper - $24
Tagged M

ASOS Bodycon Playsuit - $24
Tagged uk12

Nastygal Slice Of Heaven Dress - $22
Tagged M, fits uk8-10 best

Wal G One Shoulder Dress - $20
Size M, Fits uk8 and up

ASOS Halter Bodycon Dress With Scallop Detail in Black - $20
Tagged uk10

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mini Dress In Aztec Print - $20
Tagged UK12

Oasis Detail Back Dress - $40
Tagged UK 10, fits 8-small 10 best

Sparkle & Fade One-Shoulder Maxi Dress - $15
Not really a maxi anymore, cut it to 2" above the knee, so it's now a short dress.

UO Urban Renewal Little Black Dress $18
Cut to 2" above the knee

UO Cooperative Glow In The Dark Summer Sundress Taupe
Size M, $26

UO Insight Secret Garden Dress $24
Tagged M

Topshop Heart Back Rib Prom Dress - $25
UK 10, 1 button missing from the back, cutting runs small so fits uk8 best

Tobi Ladder Cutout Pleated Dress - $30
Tagged L, fits uk10-12

Tobi Ziggy Pop Tank Dress - $25
Tagged M, fits uk10

LoveBonito Dahlia Dress Brown - $24
Tagged M

F21 Sweetheart Floral Chambray Dress $24
Tagged M, fits uk8 - small 10 best

F21 Sketched Floral Dress - $24
Tagged M

F21 Essential Watercolor Sheath Dress - $24
Tagged M

F21 Cutout Geo Dress - $15
Tagged L

F21 Abstract High-Low Dress - $22
Tagged S

F21 A-Line Geo Print Dress - $22
Size M

F21 Boho Print Georgette Dress - $24
Tagged M

ASOS 90s Strappy Bodycon Dress - $18
tagged uk12

ASOS Mini Dress With Neon Necklace Trim - $28
Tagged 10

ASOS Mini Sleeveless Square Back Dress - $25
Tagged UK10

Glamorous Maxi Dress with Plunge V Back - $26
Tagged UK12

ASOS Simple Shift Dress - $25
Tagged UK12

ASOS Shift Dress With Asymmetric Hem - $25
Tagged UK10

Box Chain Bracelet Set Turquoise - $6

Box Chain Bracelet Set Red Blue - $6

F21 Jeweled Retractable Makeup Brush - $5

F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Gold & Silver - $8

F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Gold - $8

F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Silver - $8

F21 Triangle Charm Necklace - $8

500XL Earpphones $35
Brand new, opened to try.

The Animal RABBIT Shot Glass in White $20
Brand new, via Karmaloop

Paul Frank The Knitted Pink Printed Monkey $12


UO Twin Bell Alarm Clock $15
Brand new in box. V cute!

As per usual, whatsapp 96716946 to confirm!
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