Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In time to come

Gorgeous earrings from F21. They're a little on the dramatic side, but what I love most about them is that they have a completely matte finish, which ups the glamazon factor by 10 fold.

Also, this looks a little weird and not appetizing, but this is my current favorite ice cream. It's Thai Coconut (add 50cents for Honeycomb), from 320 Below. It's light and refreshing, and the best part is that it doesn't leave that horrible cloying feeling on your tongue as most heavy ice creams do. Super fantastic, I tried their salted caramel which was pretty good too, but nothing beats Thai Coconut with Honeycomb (awesome crunch) on a super hot day. It's a little pricy at $6.30 (-$0.50 if you don't want to honeycomb but you're missing out) per cup, but it's SOOOOOOOO GOOD T_T ! Do try it out whenever you have the chance! The one I usually go to is the branch at Tampines 1 Basement, promise you won't regret it :D !

On a random note, I did my very first studio shoot today. Turned out better than I thought it would, but of course that may just be an illusion cause' I hadn't had the chance to open the pictures on photoshop for editing. Fingers crossed that they'll turn out as gorgeous as they did on my DSLR screen! Sneaks tomorrow if I can manage it :D !

Set me on fire.

I swear I always try to be as nice and positive as possible but some people can really be such huge fucking assholes.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This isn't living.

The last 2 weeks have not been smooth, to say the very least. I've been down with the flu/cough/fever and I'm basically a walking mass of secretions. The phlegm just flows out oh so very naturally. I'm still spewing right now, and work is piling way above my head. Cranky, tired and did I mention cranky?

Spent today working on a blogger's logo, with the help of awesome flower-child Lydia. I've never met a girl who loves flowers THIS much. Basically bought bunches of flower to dismantle (to my amusement and her dismay), scattered them here and there. I was essentially disemboweling flowers and throwing their maimed bits around. Psychopath much? The end result turned out better than I expected, with the help of trusty photoshop and illustrator. Can you guess which parts aren't real flowers :D ? Hiakhiakhiak photoshop master is I.

On a shittier note, I have to refund/replace 40 watches because one of the backordered watch faces went completely out of stock without my knowledge. Really glad that most of the customers were very understanding and kind about it; the process was almost completely fuss free! So happy to have reasonable customers :') !

Okay and now on to completely unrelated but awesome news. I'm having 2 flea booths this weekend (22nd & 23rd Feb) at:

1. Public Garden Flea (National Library, 1-7pm)
2. Three Blind Mice Flea (F1 Pit Building, 11am-8pm)

For the latter (Three Blind Mice Flea), I'll be bringing all the Forever21, ASOS, UO, Topshop, Karmaloop, Hype etc etc etc stuff to the flea! So expect Flea prices, everything will be $20 and below - mostly $10-$15, nego if you get more - so drop on by to loot them all ok? I'm trying to clear everything I can so that I can buy a ton more when I go to the US in April :D !

Sneak peek:

Please drop by to support k, plus you come see for yourself and verify that I'm not (completely) dead LOL sorry I feel kinda horrible for not updating for 2 weeks but I was really trying not to die from being sick lol. More updates tomorrow :D !

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Olé Soiree

This is why it sucks to be an adult. Guess who's slowly taking over the family bills?

Monday, February 3, 2014


ASOS Bag With Curved Handle

Nice colour and texture, comes with adjustable straps as well. Really diggin the "dual pouch" feel of the inside - 1 side is a zippered pocket with an additional phone pocket, the other main pocket is not zippered but has another zippered pocket inside. What the hell? Pocket-ception (HA HA HA) ?! Lotsa space to stash all your stuff though. Handles are nice and shiny, not sure if the coating will come off with future use and abuse. All in all, a good sized daily bag :D !

On a completely unrelated note, hope y'all had a blast for CNY! Personally I just ate a lot, gambled minimally (*sad face*) and cooked large amounts of rice (for family dinners) LOL. Nothing too exciting going on nowadays so I'll ttyl when I have more to ramble on about! Have a kickass week ahead :D !
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